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Submission + - Dixons in the UK saying everyone needs a clean Win (cheetahmail.com) 1

alsutton writes: "Dixons, one of the UKs largest retailers, has sent out an email to anyone who pre-ordered Windows 7 through them stating that "you will need to perform a full clean installation of Windows 7 so it's important to back-up all your files" before installation (which ignores the fact Vista users can upgrade in place). Could the reason be that, as the email explains to customers, they've put together some "excellent offers" on back-up solutions?"

Comment Re:Just give it up... (Score 3, Informative) 136

"Outside the US, it it just a matter of time before Symbian and other platforms join PalmOS as interesting historical tidbits."

Ever seen some sales figures? Symbian currently is the OS on around 50% of all 'phones sold (and 40% of all smart phones) around the world. Thats more than the nearest 4 competitors combined (and that includes apple).

The US market is very limited and isolated in some senses because US patent laws restrict what can be sold in the US. In the free world we have the ability to buy 'phones which offer equivalent functionality and not pick 'phones based on who has the most patents.

Comment Re:Not because there's only 1 (Score 1) 136

My problem with the G1 is it just "feel" right. I have a G1 and a Sony Ericsson c702 and I find I use the c702 all the time, and the G1 only sees the light of day when someone asks me what it's like.

It's bulky, there no virtual keyboard so you need to pop the keyboard to type anything, it's camera is pretty poor, and Android is sluggish on it (sometimes I need to tap two or three times to get a response to something, and I know the phone has detected the press because the icon flashes).

But who knows, but the time Android is right for the prime time, we may all have bought Nokias :) :) :)

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