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Comment Re:Fossils (Score 1, Troll) 208

No brother, that's the difference between Charismatic and Southern Baptist, LOL... ;-) Think about it, "Thousands of Gods"? If we're but a resemblance of them, then what does a committee do? I was impressed that of all of the scientific disciplines, astronomers seemed to be most likely to be of the faith. Why? Because, IMHO, they work with the "big" picture. A committee didn't create what they see in the Hubble Deep Field... A lot of my thought of it comes out of physics and quantum mechanics. Non-locality, a photon doesn't experience time (do the math), etc. If one can wrap their mind around an ever present NOW encompassing past, present, and future, then one can start to perceive the operating sphere of God.

Comment Re:I worry about autonomous language activities (Score 1) 185

If-then-else compiles into about 6 bytes (approximately) of machine code. Nothing beats it, to my knowledge, of getting tight close to the metal, other than microcode, which we'all in the real world can't usually access (not since the days of bit-slice anyhow). So what would be the purpose of any language that can't fit the metal as tightly as C or C++ (I'm a rusty C++ aficionado)?

Comment Re:Fossils (Score -1, Troll) 208

As you mock, He laughs at you, and STILL loves you, LOL. No, God is not Cuthulu, he doesn't have appendages. Myself, I don't have problem with believing in the theory of evolution and believing in God. See, God, is outside of time, and hence He sees beginning, now, and end. A second to God is a thousand years... God can use the laws of nature, He made them! So when you read Feynman's Lectures, you know what, God made those laws and He doesn't change. So, when the preacher online starts harping about science, remind him that the same God that created all also created the physical laws that allows that internet stream of his Sunday service, and that God is constant. The same physical laws apply everywhere, because God made those laws, and God doesn't change!

Comment Re:How Tragic (Score 1) 422

Does 54,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate create the potential? Texas is VERY familiar with ammonium nitrate and it's destructive potential. They had a ship blow up in Texas City in 1947 that killed almost 600 people and destroyed the town.

It's dangerous shit that can blow up under the right conditions of detonation or fire. Which leads to the idea that the missing firefighters knew what they were getting into... Looking at the video taken by the guy with his daughter, all I can say is condolences to the families, and may they rest in peace. They passed as heroes, IMHO.

Comment Re:My theory (Score 1) 1010

Ram is still faster by magnitudes than SSD. ~6ms for HDD, ~60usec (1/100 HDD) for SSD, ~20nsec (1/3000 SDD) for DDR3-1333 given data at I've been telling my clients to upgrade ram, so now I need to tell them to upgrade to maximum ram and the HDD to an SSD.

Comment Re:My theory (Score 1) 1010

It's also amazing what removing Windows and installing Linux will do to an older computer. Or at least making it dual boot, because Windows is better supported than Linux for game applications, IMHO.

Comment Facebook Homie Security Issue (Score 1) 124

How long has Facebook Home been out? A month? A few? Already it's been hacked in a big way. A false flag hack? Possibly, and wouldn't put it past the organization to be sly like that. Regardless the deal with Android appears to be that it's not a very secure OS already, and it doesn't bode well for security that Facebook Home took almost no time at all to get hacked in the wild. I wouldn't install that shit on my phone if they payed me and gave me a phone.

That leads to the question of why Android is so weak security-wise? I run different versions of Linux on different machines and it's very secure and Android is based on Linux, so why isn't it as secure? Reports say it has become the target of choice for bots, malware, and hackers. So whats up with that and why won't Google fix the security holes?

All I can think of is that between Google and Facebook, and their data-whoring, you may as well implant a RFID tag with remote control interface in your brain, and eliminate the need for carting around a device or wearing GG's...[rolleyes]

Comment Re:Try NSA Security Guides... (Score 1) 116

Check this out also as a guide to security. All 20 need not be implemented, just the ones pertinent to your organization.

CSIS: 20 Critical Security Controls Version 4.1

Comment Re:Navigation (Score 5, Informative) 192

Drupal being "best" is in the eyes of the beholder. If you already are familiar with CMS and mySQL, then Drupal is the best. But if you have very little experience, Wordpress is by far the easiest. For my own sites, I use Drupal, but for client sites, I use Wordpress because it's easier for non-technicals to operate. That being said, Drupal has an upgrading catch. I'm running 6.28, I think, and find it impossible to port over to version 7 without manually porting over the database table by table. There should be a way to port content tables to new versions without a lot of pain and suffering...

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 328

Which is why modern reactors depends on gravity; which to the best of my knowledge has never been turned off.

Ah, you've never heard of the Podkletnov Effect? Read
"Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite bulk YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-x} superconductor below 70 K under e.m. field"

Comment Re:I for one.... (Score 4, Insightful) 202

Great dissertation. Old school idea, though, of Illuminati / Freemasonry / Mormonism.

But to what end? So you have control of everything, to argue hypothetically. Then what? You've established the worldwide government, religious or not, run by elitists, who just happen to still have to drop their drawers to poop, unless they are descendent's of Cuthulu. What is the master plan of the New World Order past conquering everything? If it's the same old bullshit, then they just wasted our collective time.

Or is their plan to implement the Georgia Guide Stones? What is really the master plan? I'd humbly advise the "great ones" who wish to implement the plan of the New World Order that they should pay heed to and meditate upon Puma Punku and what it says if you're open to reading between the lines.

One final morsel for thought: If I were a galactic civilization, I would keep the human race safely contained on the planet like a nasty plague by whatever means necessary, including sending them back to the stone age. Just because of the way we roll...

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