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Comment Re:Like what? Buying Apple more ethnically sound. (Score 5, Insightful) 178

I don't own one single Apple product

And some decide to stay in the gutter. That is your choice, but don't pretend you are better than me because of it.

Why do you think he is pretending he is better than you? The rest of the quote you conveniently left out is

because I don't buy into walled gardens, it's that simple.

It sounds to me like the closed ecosystem doesn't appeal to him. Saying that "some decide to stay in the gutter" sounds like you are pretending that you are better because you purchased a particular brand.

Comment Re:75 ppi... (Score 2) 50

According to Wikipedia, the current eInk Kindles are all about 68 ppi. So this screen would be as good (if not better) than the current Kindles in that department.

Unfortunately, this screen looks like it lacks color saturation, which seems to be a common trait among all color eInk displays. It's a big improvement over previous displays, but I still wouldn't put it in a product yet. People would immediately put it next to LCD displays, and compared to the display on a $60 "might as well sell it at the drugstore" tablet, it would look bad.

If you follow your own link, you will see that according to Wikipedia, current eInk Kindles are about 67 ppcm, which is around 169 ppi. So this screen isn't half as good as the current Kindles in that department.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it just be easier to plant a microphon (Score 5, Insightful) 75

Because a microphone that is on a person's body is going to pick up everything that person hears as well.

And for that matter, it will probably be loads more reliable than trying to decode electrical signals that we are only just beginning to comprehend.

Experiments such as this one are the reason we are beginning to comprehend the electrical signals in the brain. The goal of the experiment isn't to understand WHAT the patients are hearing, but HOW the patients are hearing.

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