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Submission + - Dvorak thinks Google is bluffing about its new OS (

alphakappa writes: "In Dvorak's opinion, Google has cast a red herring about its new operating system, possibly to deflect attention from Android which will probably be the new OS, but definitely in order to mess with Microsoft. His argument stems from the fact that the OS has been announced almost a year in advance, which is not how Google normally operates. So what do you think about gOS? Is it a different OS based on Linux + a windowing system, or is it an upgrade to Android which would put it in real competition with Windows?"

Submission + - Indian moon mission to launch next month (

Anil Kandangath writes: "The Indian moon mission plans have been covered earlier by Slashdot here. While the spacecraft itself will not land on the Moonit will act as an orbiter and land a rover on the surface. The spacecraft is being launched next month sometime between October 22 and October 26. The spacecraft payload includes 11 payloads (including one from NASA) and will perform remote sensing and studies of the lunar surface. The mission is estimated to cost Rs 386 crore (~ 7.7 million USD)"

Submission + - India overtakes U.S. as Nokia's No.2 Market

alphakappa writes: Nokia today announced that India has overtaken the U.S. to become its second largest market by sales, coming up behind China. In the past 18 months, Nokia has shipped 60 million cellphones from its Chennai factory, and they expected it to become the second largest (volume) by 2010.
Quoting from the story, "India has quickly become one of the largest markets," he told reporters in New Delhi, adding he expects demand will not be limited to cheaper phones. "India is not a low-end market. It is a very versatile market in all price points, in all segments," he said. The story also reports that "India had 185 million mobile customers at the end of July, with more than 6 million new customers signing every month, lured by call rates as low as 1 U.S. cent a minute" Nokia has a design studio and a factory in India.

Submission + - How to build a video wall

alphakappa writes: I am interested in building a video wall as a personal project using recycled old laptops so that I can make use of the display controllers already present. Is there free or cheap software that can extend the display on Windows and still be capable of showing different videos on different zones (like, say run a video in one zone while showing a powerpoint presentation in another one) What tools would slashdotters use?

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