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Submission + - Why Your BlackBerry Causes Nearby Speakers to Buzz

AZA43 writes: "Ever wondered why your BlackBerry — or other mobile device — causes nearbly speakers and electronics to buzz like a swarm of disgruntled honey bees? Ever wondered what handset makers and cell phone carriers think about the buzzing and whether or not they're doing anything about it? Or why some phones seem to cause more buzzing than others? I did, and I asked Research In Motion (RIM) for information on the subject. Duncan Bradly, RIM's global intelligence director, let me in on where RIM stands on the issue, what they're doing about it and even offered up a few ways you can muffle the sound — though he cautions against them since they'll void warranties. Check it out."

Submission + - iTunes Plus and iTunes U launch

drhamad writes: "Apple today launched iTunes Plus and iTunes U. iTunes Plus is what they're calling their 256k AAC's sans-DRM, as announced previously. These are available for $1.29 per song, or regular album price. Upgrades of already owned songs are available for $0.30 per song, or $3 per album.

iTunes U is a new, University section of iTunes."
The Internet

Submission + - White Supremacist beaten in "Internet War"

Random Anonymous writes: This is funny, yet scary.


From the article: "On December 20th, 2006, an internet raid was conducted on the radio show of white supremacist Hal Turner, known for his support of violence against minorities. During the show, an unusually large amount of prank calls were made, loosely organized through internet forums and IRC."

What happened next is beond belief. A large number of anonymous folks basically shut down his site, and have been going after several larger white supremacist forums. The entire attack seems to have been co-ordinated between two internet imageboards, and no one quite knows what is going to happen. The amazing thing? These events all occurred over the course of five days.

This illustrates the power of anonymity and communication on the internet, and the ease with which something like this can be done. Security paper, inspiration for a new form of access log, or simply amusement; You make the call.

Submission + - DIY Home Security Camera

DelawareGT writes: I live in a rather unsavory part of Atlanta and recently my house was robbed (roomie's laptop near an easily breakable window). The landlord is taking care of adding security bars but I want to do something more. I was wondering if anyone out there has any cheap DIY home video surveillance solutions. I have a linux box that I can dedicate to this, but considering that it might be stolen one day, I'd like to be able to upload video to the net.

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