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Moon May Have Once Had Water 89

Smivs writes "US scientists have found evidence that water was held in the Moon's interior, challenging some elements of the theory of how Earth's satellite formed.The Moon is thought to have been created in a violent collision between Earth and another planet-sized object. Scientists thought the heat from this impact had vaporised all the water. But a new study in Nature magazine shows water was delivered to the lunar surface from the interior in volcanic eruptions three billion years ago. This suggests that water has been a part of the Moon since its early existence."

Submission + - Hubble finds Rings of Dark Matter

vparkash writes: Space.com reports that the Hubble space telescope has discovered a ring of dark matter that formed long ago during a collision between two massive galaxy clusters designated ZwCl0024+1652. Interestingly scientists had discovered the rings over a year earlier and thought that they were an artifact and not real!

Submission + - Depletion Levels in Ghawar w/ Linux clusters

microsoft_hater writes: The Oil Drum forum published an article by geologist Stuart Stanford analyzing Saudi oil reserves and production with the assistance of imaging using Linux super clusters. Particular attention is paid to the super-giant Ghawar, the world's largest oil field. Stanford makes a strong case for worse soon-to-come Saudi declines, and insinuates (who would have guessed?) the Saudi's are lying about where their production future is trending...

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