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Comment Plug it in (Score 1) 246

In my car, my phone is powered.
At my desk, my phone is powered.
At home, my phone is powered.

The only time battery life is an issue is when I'm away from a place to plug the phone in. If my life were like a sanitary napkin commercial (riding horses, running through grassy fields, etc.) I'd have a much harder time keeping my iPhone charged.

Comment I do this now (Score 1) 213

On my iPhone my contacts and calendar entries all come from Google. They sync over the air. I even use a different calendar app because it syncs and displays better (CalenGoo).

But I have to use the browser to make a Google Voice call.

Apple's position on this is total BS. I think whoever gave Jobs his new liver was evil, and now Jobs is evil (or more evil than before?).

Comment Air Force not shy about blocking critial sites (Score 2, Informative) 202

I publish www.eDodo.org a humor site for Air Force Academy graduates and cadets. Of course, the Academy blocks us. It's a tricky issue, but the bottom line is that the cadet dorms are gov't property and they use a gov't network, so USAFA gets to filter them.

The original Dodo magazine was an uncensored cadet publication. When the administration started censoring it, eDodo.org was born. I'm hoping more and more cadets get internet enabled smart phones to access the "free" internet.

Back to the topic: The Academy doesn't block Facebook, and that's how we reach cadets now: www.Facebook.com/eDodo

Operating Systems

Europe Funds Secure Operating System Research 376

narramissic writes "A Dutch university has received a $3.3 million grant from the European Research Council to fund 5 more years of work on a Unix-type operating system, called Minix, that aims to be more reliable and secure than either Linux or Windows. The latest grant will enable the three researchers and two programmers on the project to further their research into a making Minix capable of fixing itself when a bug is detected, said Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a computer science professor at Vrije Universiteit. 'It irritates me to no end when software doesn't work,' Tanenbaum said. 'Having to reboot your computer is just a pain. The question is, can you make a system that actually works very well?'"

Comment Why not use projectile weapons? (Arrows, etc.) (Score 1) 830

It seems like everybody should be OK if the cargo ships armed themselves with crossbows or pneumatic weapons. An addition to the cool "Mad Max" feel it would add to the situation, it might actually be a good way to kill pirates in small boats.

Threaten my supertanker? Here, have a couple dozen metal spears.

Molotov cocktails should also work, maybe rigged to a slingshot launcher of some kind.

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