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Comment The scandal after the install (Score 1) 150

I just heard a couple of weeks ago (I live in Mexico City) in the news that this encyclomedia system turned out to be a flop. Almost half of all the installations don't work anymore because broken parts, missing parts, plain non-functioning hardware... This system was pushed by former president Vicente Fox. I really don't know the policy of the new administration about this system. What HAS worked excellent for decades, and even has received acclaim and prizes from United Nations via the UNICEF, its called TELESECUNDARIA. It's like Junior High School on TV. Think of it like what Discovery Channel airs in the mornings but produced by Mexican studios under contract from the Bureau of Public Education (the same that makes free textbooks and mantains all the teaching programs of all grades). Let's say, at 8:00 am the station broadcasts to a satellite, and the schools in rural areas pull the feed the same way anyone watches DirecTV or DISH Networks. The only thing the school needs is electricity (not all but most has), a TV set and the antenna. Then a teacher makes the students watch the program and after that he/she answers questions and refers to the same chapter in the textbook so they can go on doing exercises, quizes, and then the teacher dictates homework.

That's good use of technology. Remember the K.I.S.S. rule!

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