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Comment Re:self distruct/booby trap (Score 1) 647

i think that would require some extra weight, some extra this and that...I think the focus while building that thing was more to make it do the things it should do - I think they tried to prevent this kind of think to happen on a electronical level ( encr. GPS ) rather than on a mechanical level (breaking the shelf)

Comment Caged in keyboard paradigm (Score 1) 362

I always find it kind of suspicious that we are using keyboards to program computers... The keyboard was invented roughly 170 years ago or so and the actual layout designed to avoid fast typing. I think the concept of the keyboard is so dominant and omnipresent that it really keeps us from thinking outside the box, and to come up with a better concept. I mean should there not be a better concept to instruct modern computers than a interface concept invented a century ago for slowly writing human language ?

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil? That's just a lie (Score 1) 417

I actually believe google considers what it does as "not evil" I believe Facebook and google are seeing themselves as pioneers of new social structures and values. Us still sticking to the idea of privacy maybe seems strange to them. Could be that from their strategic point of view we are already Living in the World of yesterday.

Comment Finally :) (Score 1) 168

I read similar arguments when java applets arrived, or flash, or webstart... Cant wait to read why native apps are dead when HTML 6.x arrives :) The point is, there are plenty of use cases where web apps are the thing to do instead of going native - and a whole lot of situations, where you just don't want a web app. I think also one has to remember that browsers didn't start as runtime environments but as rendering engines. Will there be more web apps coming ? Sure Will there still be native apps ? Sure.

Comment Re:Apple may not have ripped this off. (Score 1) 549

I would think so too. Even a company like apple has limited development resources. They used to have laptops and desktops basically. With phones, cloud and tablets they have new product lines that demand many more resources. Their roadmap is really heavy I think. Sometimes you have to make sure that thinks work somehow first and later deal with making it cool later

Comment Re:Apple may not have ripped this off. (Score 1) 549

Your right - we don't know for sure. But don't you think it would we kind of weird, if apple had been blind on that eye? I mean, I'm just picturing Forestall in the meeting, face going pale, looking at Steve, saying"wow, we wouldn't have thought of that one... Wireless sync, what a great idea"

Comment Re:It's a JOKE! (Score 1) 124

What I find interesting about that, is that apple is blamed for not basically revolutionising the Market with every revision of their product. I never heard a reviewer blaming dell that a new product line of notebooks was just lighter, more powerful etc. I find that totally in order . The iPad 2 is a new revision of a well received product. That is totally normal. I think that everybody who expects a revolution from apple every single year has fallen more for the "apple fanboyism" the the so called fanboys :)

Comment Re:DDoS Attacks, or Rightful Protest? (Score 1) 703

As a matter of fact, this differentiation will be made by the future. The outcome of each society ist based on breaking the laws of the one before. I don't say wikileaks has broken laws - and infact I am thankful for what I learned through them about my and other nations governments. When in x years net neutrality is gone and censorship has strictly regulated the Internet - they will sure be seen as riots and vandals. On the other hand... If the majority thinks that the same rules that are long accepted for paper mail should apply to modern means of communication, be it blogs, mail whatever, And if this majority thinks that the whole democracy thing was once installed to make governments impossible that do some of the things we saw on wikileaks... Then they will be seen in a positive light... As always. - it's up to our children to decide :)

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