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Submission + - is that 'i' stands for inferior in 'i'phone! (

JagsLive writes: In addition to, 1, NO 3G/High Speed Internet(YES, its available from the same at&t in major cities & i'm using since Nov-06, works fine between 700 to 1400 Kbps) 2, NO GPS 3, NO MMS(did apple design this in 16th century?) 4, NO A2DP(NO Support for Stereo Bluetooth & they call it best ipod ever?) 5, Just Crappy Bluetooth(only good for Headsets, Can NOT transfer pics etc between PC & phone) 6, NO Video Recording 7, NO Custom Ringtones(can NOT use your own MP3s as Ringtones) 8, NO freedom to install/run 3rd party apps(Like I watch some LIVE TV, CNN-IBN, thru TCPMP on at&t 8525 OR NO internet radio thru GS Player. There literally hundreds stations available for FREE, so u don't have to buy itunes) 9, Guess you can NOT watch Xvid/DivX videos either 10, Can NOT copy/edit text or documents(as per engadget) OK, in addition to all of the above: reports..."Less than 72 hours after the iPhone's introduction, researchers have reported at least one flaw that could allow an attacker some level of control over the device, while other hackers have uncovered passwords hiding in Apple software that could prove key in gaining root access, they said." "The scenario that seems most attractive is to have the phone dial 900 numbers," Graham said, noting an age-old attack that allows criminals with ties to fee-based phone services to profit each time an infected computer dial the number. So my question to all of you fine folks that 'i' stands for inferior in iphone?

Submission + - Sexy Lingerie Website Is (

Kristen Heavens writes: "Thetford, Norfolk ( slashdot ) July 1, 2007 — A sexy and designer lingerie retailer is rapidly becoming the largest online retailer to the lingerie sector according to a statement that the company made today. Their attractive pricing coupled with great customer service, diverse inventory, and geographical reach are but a few of the reasons that are contributing towards their success according to the company themselves.

The success of the on-line market as a whole could be contributing towards increased on-line lingerie spend as people become more confident about buying on-line. Another reason could be that the inherent stigma that many shoppers feel when buying designer lingerie in an off-line retail environment is removed — this could be helping to make shoppers feel more comfortable and at ease when the embarrassment of a face to face encounter at the checkout is removed.

Commenting on their success, President of Luxury French Lingerie said: "Our impressive revenue growth quarter after quarter is a strong factor in measuring our success, however we also have other metrics which we use as a means of ensuring that we are paying careful attention to customer satisfaction, as well as improving inventory, pricing, usability and mind share. Through concentrating on operational excellence we are sure that we will improve our bottom line in the long run. Our company is also doing a great job in terms of catching the long-tail of designer lingerie — our inventory is increasing in terms of the sizes we have available, and the products we have available as well."

Luxury French Lingerie is a retailer of sexy lingerie and designer lingerie. With a strong focus on customer service and ensuring that they provide the best lingerie on-line, the company is known for quality products and attractive pricing.

Luxury French Lingerie,
PO Box 211,
Holme Hale,
IP25 7WR


First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - "Pro-Gamer" kills self over gambling debt

Vacardo writes: "Interesting story over at Kotaku which details how a Swedish video game enthusiast has committed suicide over a $13,000 online gaming debt.

Christian "divino" Sellergren, the 21-year-old who led Team Eyeballers to the 2004 CPL Counter-Strike championship, transitioned from pro-gaming to online gambling eventually losing his job and $13,000 to his addiction.

Jack Thompson has yet to comment."

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