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Comment Logic, Reason, and Money. (Score 1) 660

I don't know I had a whole long tirade planned for this article. I've been outsouced or wrong-sourced so many times it's not funny. I've probably trained 20 replacements. One time they replaced me with 6 people (5 of them H1Bs and one Leader from the US). After 3 months they hired me back. Other times they just suffered on until someone else took up the work. The way I look at it, if you CAN'T find people here capable of doing the work, then you should be able to go outside the US to find someone who can. The problem is, these companies aren't looking for people who CAN do the job here. They don't even look here, they go straight to the H1B market. They don't want to pay IT people what's they are worth. Two additional points... H1B is a fancy way of saying "Indentured Servant", I don't know all the rules but I have had good friends who tried to move or get paid what they were worth, but the contract house they worked for could hold that H1B up and threaten them with going home if they asked for any more money. Did anyone realize that most "Executive Support" is done by Non-H1B workers? Everywhere I've worked if the executives (and sometimes everyone in accounting) have their own support group they are all from the US. Just saying... How come they get to have the expensive people come plug their new monitors in when their more important than the core business (building cars/airplanes/medical devices). This sucks, I became a ranter..

Comment Claymore? (Score 1) 295

Claymores (landmines) don't need to be present. If you have to, you could fill them with paintballs. Get an alert that someone is in the area of your door and if they take anything with them trigger the device remotely. (obviously, I don't condone anyone actually do this, but I shouldn't have to say that)

Comment Don't worry no one be punnished (Score 1) 454

I mean except all normal Americans. We will either end up with a Douche or the Turd Sandwich. Both are dirty lying greedy spotlight whores. Hillary is Stalin and Trump is Hitler. One's in the pocket of the Russians and the other is Owned by the Chinese. The American people can get nothing good out of this train-wreck of an election. I feel sorry for us all.

Comment Funny stuff they are smoking on AirFarce 1. (Score 1) 396

I had to laugh, actually out loud.... when reading "a U.S. cyberattack targeting Russia's election process" Russia's election process is even more predetermined that the US. In the US it's not "obvious" voter fraud, just a bunch of "Community Organizers" (occasionally from Chicago or maybe Kenya) who get a lot of votes from people who may or may not be dead. Bussed around by people who may be handing out food or money for expenses to "help: them vote. From my understanding in Russia many elections are 100% of votes cast go the same candidates that are government approved. In the US, many elections are determined way ahead of time by the people with all the money and power. I wouldn't be really surprised if the Demi-crooks and Republi-creeps didn't have it all set out before the election is held. I will still vote for a 3rd party candidate and so will most of the people I know. Especially in this election where both of the major party candidates are total crap. We have the choice between a Douche and a Turd Sandwich (Yes, a South Park reference)...

Comment Unused phone used for honeypot. (Score 1) 236

AT&T makes me pay for a phone line to my home that I don't use. It gets tons of political calls, I plan on forwarding that number to the FTCs main switchboard and see if they notice. If that doesn't work I'm going to start forwarding it to some other politician until they get the point. If I wanted to hear from Trump or Clinton or any other robocaller, I would call them. They don't need to call me. Robocalling is pointless and just makes me hate them both even more.

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