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Comment Unused phone used for honeypot. (Score 1) 236

AT&T makes me pay for a phone line to my home that I don't use. It gets tons of political calls, I plan on forwarding that number to the FTCs main switchboard and see if they notice. If that doesn't work I'm going to start forwarding it to some other politician until they get the point. If I wanted to hear from Trump or Clinton or any other robocaller, I would call them. They don't need to call me. Robocalling is pointless and just makes me hate them both even more.

Comment I want to go back (Score 1) 765

I usually give a couple weeks notice, I've occasionally gotten counter-offers but never accepted. When asked I have given feedback. For a couple of companies where I truly loved working for I gave them as much notice as possible and turned over 100% of what I knew. I couldn't give them my experience but I did give them knowledge. At one company I was contracting for, by doing this I amazed my boss at how much information I had collected over the years. She did try to arrange my employment either as a direct hire or another contract house (with the company absorbing the penalty) but neither could come close to match the learning opportunity that I was being given. If either of those places had an opening that would support what I need to make I would go back in a hearbeat, and I know they would love to have me. I do love the company that I work for now (I might be a contractor but the company I am at now treats us as employees).

Submission + - Reports Coming in of Mass IBM Layoffs Underway in the U.S. (

Tekla Perry writes: (posted this previously with a closed link) Please update.
Reports are coming in from around the country about a massive layoff underway affecting IBM's U.S. facilities. Sources have said as many as 1/3 of IBMs US workforce may be shown the door. Thanks to a recent change in IBM's severance policy, they may be leaving with less cash than anticipated. IBM maintains that things are just business as usual. But this appears to be the day that IBM Watchers have long warned about.

Submission + - Watchdog Says Uncle Sam's Financial Books Are Useless

schwit1 writes: The GAO just announced — for the 19th consecutive year — that the federal government's accounting is so bad that it "did not render an opinion on the federal government's consolidated financial statements."

Think about that for a moment. If what GAO is saying is true — and if anything GAO is likely understating the problem — then the federal budget is a tissue of fantasies, the national debt is much higher than the official figure of $19 trillion, and it's impossible to know how many tax dollars are lost every year to waste, fraud and abuse.

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