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TSA Pats Down 3-Year-Old 1135

3-year-old Mandy Simon started crying when her teddy bear had to go through the X-ray machine at airport security in Chattanooga, Tenn. She was so upset that she refused to go calmly through the metal detector, setting it off twice. Agents then informed her parents that she "must be hand-searched." The subsequent TSA employee pat down of the screaming child was captured by her father, who happens to be a reporter, on his cell phone. The video have left some questioning why better procedures for children aren't in place. I, for one, feel much safer knowing the TSA is protecting us from impressionable minds warped by too much Dora the Explorer.

Comment Because they are "data centers in a box" (Score 1) 87

You can fit one of the latest bladeserver chassis from IBM,HP etc into about 12U or so of rack space. Inside that box you can combine a bunch of powerful servers, storage, multiple switched networks and I/O buses across mid planes, back planes, FC switches, etc. And some also make room for a disk array inside the same chassis. You can really call them "data centers in a box". This is not good for Cisco. HP/IBM, etc. will OEM Cisco I/O devices as part of the config options for their blade platforms. But in that scenario it doesn't say Cisco on the front of the box anymore. As blade centers proliferate Cisco becomes marginalized in this market.

I wouldn't be surprised if Cisco's blade platform ends up supporting blade servers from the other vendors. To me that makes more sense from Cisco's point of view. With blade platforms its not about the server - its about the infrastructure devices you plug into it along side all those thin little blades. Does Cisco really want to become a server vendor? I don't think so. Blade servers themselves are commodotizing rapidly. The most expensive parts are the special switches & other I/O devices that you add to it to convert it from a bunch of blade servers sharing a common power supply and cooling to a complete data center in a box. Cisco wants their name on that box. And maybe you'll see little IBM, HP, Dell etc. logos on the blades that are installed in them.


Submission + - How much storage do you "control"?

linkedlinked writes: While looking for some old backups with a friend, we started talking about storage space, and how so many of our random files wind up in obscure places. We realized that each of us has "access" to a pretty sizable heap of storage (for college kids). I would guess that, between ftp accounts on friends' servers, random school storage space, root access to a few work servers, and my own half-dozen computers and servers, I probably have near 5-6 TB of usable storage. Out of curiosity, we decided to ask Slashdot- legality aside, how much storage space could you feasibly dominate on a whim?

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