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Comment Re:The big difference is... (Score 1) 75

Eh, not really. Compression is relative, sure, to the codec/methodology, but Netflix 4k streams require 25Mbps while their 1080p requires a measly 5Mbps...definitely a tremendous amount of additional information in the 4k stream, compressed or not.

It's surprising that 2160p would take 5x the bandwidth of 1080p when it only has 4x the pixels... Is it less compressed to allow for increased decoding time?

Comment Re:True 4K = 4096 (Score 1) 147

Your comment here...is at odds with your comment here

Well that was a different user, but anyway the claims are not conflicting - they are in agreement. By "doesn't mean anything", I obviously don't mean "has no meaning in the English language," rather it has "no technical meaning". The thing is that TVs and monitors are typically characterized by their resolution. VGA monitor, SVGA, HD, FHD, 720p, 1080p; these terms all tell you something about resolution. In the case of TVs, the normal description is number of horizontal lines. But what's being called "4k" is actually 2160p, which logically should be "2K" since its resolution has two thousand lines. This would make sense and be consistent. "4K" sounds like a technical description, but doesn't actually describe capability of the display, and is only close to four thousand of something if you switch from counting horizontal lines to vertical ones, which is silly.

So by virtue of something being marketed it means something ... an argument over what to call it is nothing more than companies and businesses waving their penises at each other. If it's close enough to 4k it's good enough as long as the marketing people agree.

Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. Saying that all marketing language imbues itself with sufficient meaning to justify its use totally obliterates the concept of false advertising. If Cadillac starts calling their 4-cylinder engine a V12 because it has 12 valves and claims it's better than BMW because they only have a V8, you'd be okay with that? Because the fact that they marketed it as a "V12" means that's what V12 means?

Why does this matter? Because companies misusing technical terms to imply capabilities their products don't have is a dishonest business practice, and hurts the consumer. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go attach some onions to my belt, as is the style, and yell at a cloud.

Comment Re:True 4K = 4096 (Score 4, Insightful) 147

OK, for the pedants. But for the real world "full HD" was 1920x1080 (called 1080p) and 4 times that is indeed 3840x2160. That is exactly 4 times the pixels, so it is indeed 4k.

No, that would make it "4X". The suffix "k" means "thousand," and neither dimension of 3840 nor 2160 is >4000. What people call 4k should be called 2160p or UHD. "4k" is made up marketing hype that doesn't mean anything.

Comment Re:But we still have to put up with (Score 1) 98

They are (generally) bulkier than the equivalent USB stick.

I linked to the large one because it supports full-size SD cards, and 1TB SDXC in the article is that form factor. But I have several readers for MicroSD that are barely bigger than the card itself. I've seen readers that fit mostly inside the USB port itself, so there's minimal protrusion.

Comment Quality (Score 1) 178

Hey, that's great Netflix. Nice to see progress on the horizon in video encoding tech. Now would you please add an option to buffer the start of shows so they don't look like pixelated crap for the first 30 seconds or more on my HDTV? Maybe a checkbox somewhere? Even my wife notices, and she's not usually picky about these things. Thanks.

Comment Cell phone features (Score 1) 210

I'm fed up with the constant removal of useful features from cell phones.

-Fits in the palm of your hand! (screen size < 4.5" for one-handed use (in my case anyway, maybe I have Trump hands?))
-Supports SD cards for storage expansion!
-Easily replaceable battery! (both to get new batteries but also to carry more than one)
-Wireless charging - just set it down and it stays charged!
-Standard USB port so you can use USB accessories like keyboards, mice, game controllers, and thumbdrives! (OTG)
-Standard audio jack so it works with all audio accessories!

I've begrudgingly sacrificed most of these features, but I'm holding the line on the headphone jack. In fact, I recently installed Cyanogenmod to get Marshmallow on my wife's old Galaxy S2, a 5-year old phone. My Google Nexus 4 is still stuck on Lollipop. The S2 supports SD cards, and I can get a new battery on Amazon for 10USD (including same-day delivery).

I would pay full price in a heartbeat for a phone that had all the features from the above list, all of which I have made use of with various different devices. Now I find myself hacking and modding to keep old devices alive (I've replaced the screen on the Nexus4 twice) just for their superior features.

Comment Re:With a reason? (Score 4, Informative) 224

BMW does this, and it's awesome. The first digit is the body style (3 is small, 5 is mid, 7 is large), and the next 2 digits are the engine displacement. They add letters on the end for extra little features: i for Fuel Injection, s for Sport Package, L for Luxury Package, etc. So a 328is is a small car with a 2.8L engine, fuel injection and sport package.

Except when they don't, and put a 2.0 liter engine in a *30, or a 3.0 liter engine in a *28.

They recently added even numbers to denote 2-door variants, and left odd numbers for 4-doors. They've also started putting x or i in front for SUVs or Electric/Hybrids respectively, but the concept holds. The alphanumeric scheme serves a purpose.

The odd/even thing is stupid, especially when the 4 series is just a 3 series with 2 fewer doors, but the 6 series is not related to the 5 series stylistically (other than sharing a platform). The fact is that BMW is prone to marketing nonsense in their names like every other manufacturer. Hyundai is switching to alphanumeric model names, because that's what all mass-production luxury car makers do (it's true of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti).

Comment Re:Conspicuous Silence (Score 1) 93

Which is why ewhac is pointing out the lack of upload speed listed. Likely the upload is pathetically slow. 30 mbit would be impressive for Comcast.


You will notice, nowhere on that page do they list the upload speeds, that is because it is slower than 1/10th the speed of the download.

I have Comcast cable internet in the Chicago area. The speed whenever I test it is 105Mb down, 25 up.

Comment Re:"allows you to download a 5GB HD movie in 40 se (Score 1) 93

The bigger question is, where the hell are you allowed to download a 5GB movie? It sounds to me like the Comcast arm is catering to torrenters while the Universal arm is busy preparing to sue anyone who uses it.

Comcast's own mobile apps allow subscribers to download movies from their On Demand service for offline viewing. You can't export or copy it, but it does actually download the whole thing.

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