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Comment And that's a good thing (Score 2) 146

Look up what a hacker actually is.

But no wonder, that police, government and so on fear people who can think and build things. Indepence and doing stuff yourself is dangerous! Let's consume only one devices which just allow netflix, but no pirated movies. Which track you via google/apple, but do not allow you to firewall it.
Do not mod your games, do not upgrade the pc yourself. Do not build cool stuff. Do not thing, do not question things.

Comment Re: Teased, burned (Score 1) 84

They are all better than implementing it with jquery UI. Browser really can validate inputs (i.e. is it a number of the integer range 1-100?), provide a nice ui showing whats up (slider) and provide alternative input (textfield with validation) for blind people. With jquery you have a piece of javascript fucking with your input fields, possibly breaking when some stupid ad script contains a js error.

Comment Why not? (Score 1) 428

First: It's fucking Uber, they can do what they like to. We know they are doing shit.
Second: If you rely on Uber, you're left alone if anything happens. Don't rely on Uber alone.
Third: When everyone wants to get away, there IS surge and many people will be happy to pay twice the price, just to get a ride before somebody else gets it. If Uber limits the price, there will not be more rides available.

Comment Guide for Pokemon go (Score 1) 57

There are literally hundreds of such apps, which probably most the time just contain a few buttons with nice pokemon images and some sections of the FAQ ... and of course a lot of ads. This makes it really hard to find good apps, like pokevision (RIP) or Pokeradar or some useful pokedex, which has the weaknesses of the pokemon as they are in pokemon go.

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