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Comment Re:The case for UBI is clear (Score 1) 1126

No, they should not get money for useless job.

Everyone should get money for nothing. From the moral point, that people should be able to live in dignity. I do not know where the concept really started, but one of the people trying to get this is from germany and there the first paragraph of the constitution holds a argument, which says

(1) Human dignity is inviolable. To respect and protect it is the duty of all state authority.
(2) The German People therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace, and of justice in the world.
(3) The following basic rights are binding on legislature, executive, and judiciary as directly valid law.

Then the argument goes, that the state should give everyone the right, independed from if they can get a job and even from if they want one. So like having enough for a life in dignity (lets say 1000 eur, which is more than double of the lowest unemployment benefit) and people who want more or just need something to do should strive to get a normal job, which adds to this unconditional amount.

While the big boss will not notice the difference of a "small" added sum, the unemployed has a big advantage. So you can says, the advantage scales with the rest from your position, the less you get otherwise, the bigger is the benefit from the UBI. Sounds like it's useful that way.

> One has no moral right to the fruits of others' labor—including the automated labor of their machines.
The state gives you the right and the state pays for it. The state gets the money by letting the owners of the machines pay for getting money for nothing, i.e. by higher taxes.
If you want moral, then use moral to tell why people doing nothing but having machines should live in luxus while people wanting to work do not get work (or crappy jobs) and have no money left in the end of the month, despite of hard work.

Comment Re:The case for UBI is clear (Score 1) 1126

I though i elaborated enough on the why.

Short version:
The utopia is, nobody needs to do anything and everybody gets everything. machines produce things and do services.
The reality is, we're moving in that direction and every job, which is eliminated, needs to continue to feed people, who lost their work because of the machines.

This has nothing to do with the capitalist "i have the machines, i get the money" model, but requires some regulation.

Comment Re:The case for UBI is clear (Score 1) 1126

Nah, i think the economy from some dystopia are plausible. Upper class people with a lot of luxus and lower class people, who are practically slaves and have no chance to achieve something better. The only thing would be, that this will lead to a revolution in the long term ... expect the upper class people control the robot cops as well.
From the economic point of view, it goes into a direction, where you do not need people to spend money, when all work is done by machines and all products are available, because the machines produce them for free. Another point which is unlikely to happen completely this way, but that's the general direction why we have less work and could have a better standard for everyone.

Comment The case for UBI is clear (Score 2) 1126

UBI is needed.

More and more jobs are automated. A machine does your work for a fraction of your salary. So the industry uses machines instead of humans. Now there is money, which is not spent on your salary. Currently this money is addition profit for the big company, at the expense of you being without work.
You being workless isn't the problem. Your job can be automated and it should be, as it is more efficient. But you still should get money. And the money is still there. The only difference is, that you won't get it, but the big bosses.
Now this money, which were available before, should be used to pay your UBI.

To make the point more clear: Think of a far away future, where all work is automated. If you have an UBI, this is an utopia. People finally do not need to work anymore and all people can live a calm life, because the machines do the work.
Without UBI its an dystopie. A few rich people live an expense life, while the rest of humanity lives in slums and cannot efford their meals.
You may know movies predicting this future. Let's prevent this, lets pay an UBI which allows a life in dignity but sets an incentive to work to get more luxus.

Comment If you need gender emoticons, you have no equality (Score 1) 199

Just use fucking smileys. A head. Yellow, like no person looks like. Looking nice, clean and clear to understand.

But no. The smileys got debile like the "tears of joy" face, a parody of what they should tell. And the rest needed to get features like hair, which is associated with gender (do you see, how there is no equality, if you claim you need some smiley with pink shirt and long hair to identify it as female?).

Comment slither (Score 1) 174

irrelevant as fuck.
The game is great in a browser (but cpu heavy and not using multiple cores), but sucks on mobile devices. Just like agar its controls are made for a mouse, not a touch screen.
If you want a game, which actually works better on a touch screen install osmos. Looks like agar, has a similiar objective (in some types of levels) but the controls work with tapping behind instead of moving the mouse point in the direction you want to go. So they are great on tablets or even phones.

Comment Decrypting Alters stuff (Score 1) 89

Lets assume the most easy encryption, a one time pad for xor encryption.

Now i encrypted something with a block of random data.
I now take your result and xor it with gplv2.txt. Then i store the resulting file as key.xor.
When you find key.xor, you can confirm, the encrypted data was gplv2.txt
When you find the real random key, you get the sensitive data.

If the result is data a, data b or total garbage only depends on the key. For aes the same, every key can decrypt stuff, but only the right one gets the data you want. Most others get random data, though. But prove, that i did not encrypt random data the first time.

Comment Re:Cookie whitelist (Score 1) 126

settings: allow cookies until firefox is closed
install cookie culler and "protect" cookies you want to keep
install self destructing cookies and whitelist the pages with protected cookies (and some with cookies, which should survive until you close the browser, not the tab)

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