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Comment Re:This will have some big negative concequences (Score 1) 172

They aren't that dumb ... who writes a crawler puts in some protections against too big websites or sites autogenerating content with dynamic urls. So for example they put non-popular github links on the end of a queue to check them after everything else was processed. So they may slowly add unimportant github content, but won't crawls terabytes of data just now, but only some megabytes every now and then. Their bandwidth and storage capacity is limited as well.

Comment Re:Here is my clever idea... (Score 1) 172

> 2) People will be more wary to publish anything on the web. Also known as self-censorship.
Actually you NEED to be wary. If you publish something, it is there, it will be copied, screenshotted, archived ... not only by bots. Have a look at twitter. When a celebrity twitters something dumb, there are 5 people posting screenshots before they have the chance to delete the tweet.
You should not censor yourself. But maybe you choose the use your anonymity online. Even a anonymity which isn't anonymous against your hoster is anonymous against archives. You do not need to put your name next to everything (dumb) you say online. An interesting opinion is worth a read independend of the writer.

Comment Re:Because modern day updates are often lobotomies (Score 1) 382

> Use standard buttons, standard borders, standard colors, standard fonts, standard everything. Don't deviate from the standard, unless you really have to.
The problem is, the projects changed the standards to utter bullshit.

checkbox? Too easy, make it a slider! Write to the left and right, what the directions mean? Too ease, write it below the sliding part. Yeah, who cares, that moving the slider to the side with the text "ON" now turns it off and shows OFF on the inactive side. We color it to show, if it is active (like checkboxes before). But lets not make it obvious, choose the colors so, that the user first needs to see both states, to decide if he thinks the thing is currently active or inactive.

Android, Gnome, i look at you.

Comment Re:Because I use 50+ different softwares each day! (Score 1) 382

> Ever thought that your workflow may need improvement?
And when my workflow needs improvement this means YOU should decide how i need to change it?
Give me more options, but DO NOT change how it works for me now. An upgrade may give me the chance to change the workflow, but MUST NOT change it without my consent.
This is what many softwares get wrong, i.e. MS Windows and Mozilla Firefox.

Comment Re:Firefox 52 is the last real version of Firefox. (Score 1) 49

Why 52? Before there were some removal steps and later there will come some more until firefox changes its principles with 57, when XUL is deprecated and all extensions not built on top of webextensions api (still unfinished and not so powerful) will be discarded.

Comment Re: I use witopia - excellent experience (Score 1) 67

> VPN reduces this fine tuned envelope information to "when your LAN is passing data, and how much", leaving out the very relevant "...and to whom" part.
This is wrong. They see only traffic to the vpn gateway and a properly configured vpn doesn't leak dns queries, either.

Comment Re: I use witopia - excellent experience (Score 1) 67

This is a half truth. You can get the spoken words from an compressed VoIP stream, just by the traffic pattern how good the compression works on different words. There are a lot of pitfalls, some of them are for example why SSLv3 is now fully deprecated, others only affect certain ciphers.
Its very complicated to keep up with which encryption really works. On the other hand most isp probably do not try to crack your vpn connection, yet.

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