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Comment Re: Stop the Bullshit (Score 1) 229

The point is: Neither you nor the employer can really decide what's the truth. They do not know all facts and they should not know all the facts.
We need to trust courts, because if we don't, we cannot resolve anything in any non-anarchic way.
So, let's trust a court and let the court decide. And then we accept the decision, if he's guilty or innocent.
And we say he's innocent until proven to be guilty.
When somebody obviously avoids to go to court, you could suspect, that they have nothing which would stand in court. This does not mean, it is that way, there can be a lot more reasons. But if they do not go to court, they cannot demand that the case is treated as if a court would have decided they are right. If you do not go to court, you are voluntary giving up your rights. Which is okay. But then you cannot demand anything, which would result from a positive decision.
And a clear decision would benefit everyone. Either he's proven guilty and we can move on and tell people supporting him, that the should go away and he's in jail, preventing any further harm, or he's proven innocent and we can at least tell people attacking him to fuck off with their witch hunt.
This will not get him his job back and i guess he doesn't want it back (not sure for appelbaum, though ...), but he at least can tell "All the rumors haven been proven to be wrong" and get work somewhere else without being "the rapist".
And finally, and that's the big problem here, we have two big parts of the community, which are opposing each other instead of working together. With a clear decision every sane person can continue to work together and only the trolls remain claiming this must be a false decision (and they are probably not contributing anyway, but using this as an example for "their cause").

Comment Re:Stop the Bullshit (Score 2) 229

Best resolution of the Appelbaum case?
Let a court decide.

If the victims don't go to court, they decide themself not to do so and should not accuse him publicly for something they do not want to have in court.
If they go to court, we will get a fair trial with some result. Possibly that appelbaum is a rapist. The court will find out. But afterwards we have a decision we can trust on and shut up with rumors from the one or the other side.

Comment Stop the Bullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 229

Stop the Bullshit.

We need tor. Tor needs developers. Tor needs developers, which work together.
The best case for any agency is when the developers distrust each other and work against each other.
Whatever Appelbaum did or did not do, it's not in our interest, that this stops the work for tor.

Read this:
Really read this. This list contains some of the things you're seeing here. How to disturb groups and prevent them from working efficicently, how to get them to fight each other instead of fighting their enemy.

Keep your personal conflicts personal and continue to work against the threats we're facing.

Comment Not every warning services the user (Score 1) 125

TLS certificate not trusted.

Most the time this is IMPORTANT.
But too often, it just tells me "somebody did not setup the right CA certificates for you".

And try to root your nexus phone. On every boot you get a "This device is inscure, read more at" warning, because i have an unlocked bootloader.
Fuck you, i choose to have one. Please notice me, when something actually replaced something without my command.

Comment Re:I think I found the problem (Score 1) 120

Yeah, but that's the point. Of course a secure enclave does not hurt. But Kerckhoff's Law says, if your scheme isn't secure if everything but the password is known, it's not secure at all. So use a damn passphrase which is secure and you do not need to worry about hardware implementations. With a fingerprint sensor, the iphone has everything which is needed to have convenience AND security with a long passphrase. Otherwise you can use an android phone with SnooperStopper to have different passcodes for the lockscreen and the disk encryption (and shutdown on 3 wrong codes).

Comment Stop reading here (Score 1) 120

> After a few days, we had determined yes, we could.
Enough. What can be done, eventually will be done. Others try to secure their software, so not even they can crack it. That's the way to go, because otherwise there just need to be enough bribe or pressure and it will be done. Look at your anonymous vpn provider. They will most likely cooperate as well, turning over all their logs, which means nothing at all. That's useful security for you and for them. Now suppose they have logs but store them strongly encrypted. Then it's just a matter of a good argument to convince them to turn over the logs. And once they did it one time it's a slippery slope.

Comment Re: Foward Security (Score 0) 43

It's called security theater. You need to entertain your audience in the show, not to tell the truth.
So you need to have End-to-End encryption to have marketing keyword, but you do not need to have a secure implementation for marketing, because very few people will notice and the non-nerds won't care at all, even when they were impressed by the keyword when buying the stuff.

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