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Comment Re:BULLSHIT! (Score 1) 204

> it still depends on how its compiled. Most distros have the "core" modules as php extensions. But if you WANT to, you can compile php to include these modules into the lib/exe so you don't have to load the shared libraries.
Of course, you can do.
And in a C program you can statically link the libsodium.a. So what?

> I believe you can compile ANY php extension INTO php so you don't have to load it every time
You won't notice.

> because binding with a static library allows the software to function even if the underlying shared libraries have been updated.
That's a reason. On the other hand, you update your libs and your php stays insecure. No good idea.

> The point here is that once this library is included, distros will have this in by default, and it won't require you to install a compiler and pear/pecl software to get the extension into your php
Yep. But that's still a strange definition of "the first langauge to add modern cryptography" (btw. why the quotes in the title, libsodium IS modern cryptography).

Comment Re:BULLSHIT! (Score 1) 204

> but I don't recall Java or Javascript (for example) having any equivalent method for including a .so file into their runtime either permanently or on demand.
Javascript isn't the best example, as it doesn't have any good standard library (which leads to the whole npm fuckup).
Java can load binary modules, but much stuff is written in java and performs good enough.
But the actual point is, that you link against a libsodium binding and php does it as well. They have build some lib, which then provides functions to the php interpreter. And they bundle it. That's it. You can just download libsodium and link it to your C program and get a similiar result without using a library for binding it to something, as it is written for C.

Comment BULLSHIT! (Score 2) 204


PHP is one of the programming languages, which load all stuff into the core (which can be quite a disadvantage), but other languages use a library by a single include. So what?
And even php has it into a .so file, which can be loaded, but isn't required to be used. So the "core" is relative as well. Actually its a bundled module.

Comment Re:They also need to prevent unattended reboots (Score 1) 161

> OSS people program what they enjoy, not what is needed
You have an logic error in there. They program, what they need. So who are you to claim "they don't program what's needed", when they already satisfied their needs with their software?
Maybe you should start programming (or paying a programmer) to fulfill your needs, if they differ.

Comment Re:I've switched to Vivaldi (Score 2) 225

yeah, but it is still "we build a whitelist". You may have a nice whitelist for the web, allowing youtube, wikipedia, maybe even slashdot. Still you wouldn't call it the free web, even when 95% of the users never encounter something not on the whitelist. Simliar you cannot speak of a full featured extension api, when you need to wait for mozilla to specifiy an API for the part of GUI you want to customize ...

Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score 1) 225

uBlock will, as it is already ported. NoScript isn't ported but possible (see uMatrix, which might be a better replacement anyway). Things like CTR, SessionSaver, Tabgroups, DTA might be a bigger problem. DTA not for the UI, but for the better network functions it's using.

> They've had, and continue to have, plenty of time to get their add-on ready for a change they knew was coming ages ago.
It's not like there were all the APIs years ago. Starting to port something doesn't work, when the API isn't available yet. Many of them are not fully specified up to today. And some APIs are just no longer available. Currently they are used low-level and may need an updated extension with each firefox upgrade, but they work. Then there is a stable API, but it just does not provide the needed functionality.

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