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Comment Re:not so chatty bot (Score 2, Funny) 257

I got this:

[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] What scared you as a kid?
al - spiders
[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] Big animals are scary. Tiny ones are not, except to some girls.
al - well i'm not a girl, and i'm scared of spiders
[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] You aren't?
al - no, are you?
[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] You think change is not possible?
al - you had a sex change?
[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] It's what French teens do.
al - are you French?
[ Af:2 At:23 Sp:0] I am French.
al - well I guess you would know then!


Submission + - IT Crowd (UK) coming back! (

sammyF70 writes: Every Geek's favourite non Sci-Fi Show (the original UK one, not the abysmally bad german and US remakes) is coming back for a fourth season! According to the IMDB's message board, it should be on the air "june'ish"! While you wait, you can check out what kind of vintage hardware will be on the show this time, and remember : if you illegally download movies, you will face the consequences!

Comment Re:Student Interest Does Not Equal Employer Intere (Score 1) 225

If you owned a video game studio, who would you publish? Some guy who sat on his ass and got a degree in "video game design" from some no-name school? Or some guy that programmed and released for free an innovative game over the internet? I'd take the guy that has results.

Uh, perhaps the time spent in the course gives you some skills to make your own video game which you can use to impress people. It's not like you're just paying for a note from your teacher after 4 years of doing nothing.

Comment Re:This is all about the laywers... (Score 1) 546

Its the lawyers doing all the work here, how much money do you expect for doing nothing but signing your name, you don't even have to show up in court.

Last time I checked, the payouts for those lawsuits were supposed to be compensatory for something the defendant company did wrong. The payouts are not payment for services rendered. In other words, if the court decides in the consumers' favor, then everyone who signs their name was "injured" by the defendant and deserves part of the settlement, and the lawyers should be thankful that they're getting a cut of it. Not the other way around as you seem to think it is.

To address OP's concern, the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 changed things so the court can make sure the lawyers' payout is reasonable and proportional to the award given to plaintiffs. e.g. If the lawyers negotiate a purely coupon payment for the plaintiffs, they can be required to take part or all of their payment in coupons.

Comment Re:...the importance of their computer systems... (Score 1) 982

I know absolutely nothing about the San Francisco network. But I find it interesting that Childs said, "These idiots can't be trusted with the passwords," and the second the idiots got the passwords, they published them for the world to see.

Sure enough, those idiots should not have been trusted with the passwords. Hard to fault a guy when they immediately proved him right. :-)

He certainly was right, but I don't see how that obviates his crime.

If the' big bad gubment' were to try and 'take my guns away' for example, the Constitution implies I'd have a right to resist that effort with force. I imagine they'd shoot and kill me over that incident. It would have been the right thing to do, to die for that cause, but I'd still be dead and no harm would come to the government over it.

So once/if he understood and communicated the risks the decision was no longer his to make. He made it anyway, hence the crime.


Submission + - Massive social media campaign for RATM kicks off

An anonymous reader writes: I thought some readers would be interested to see the extent to which social media users have mobilised in a campaign to get Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name to the top of the UK charts this Christmas. The Facebook group has amassed over 3/4 of a million fans, desperate to prevent the X-Factor from obtaining another Christmas No.1. Those loyal to the cause have launched a highly disciplined assault on the X-Factor marketing machine, managing to get high profile coverage in major UK media including the BBC, and Radio 1 (with an amusing remix from Zane Lowe).

How much longer can commercial music last if their marketing is dwarfed by a Facebook campaign? Or will the empire strike back?

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