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Comment Re:The best thing that RIM can do- (Score 1) 55

One might call RIM brilliant in one way...getting shedloads of people to have their email forcibly routed to a third party before delivery. None of this is you're giving RIM access to your email account. I don't care what their "license agreement" says or doesn't say, I'll bet there's at least one douchebag at RIM that gets his jollies off by reading CEOs emails. Certainly, email is unsecure to begin with, but to just give them...nay, have them taken by a third party before deliver

Just to be clear, corporate customers running BES have end-to-end encryption. The encryption key is generated by the BES, and not even RIM has access to it. Why do you think all those middle eastern countries were up in arms about wanting to read BB messages? RIM doesn't want to give up this feature, and neither do their corporate customers.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

Windows 7 came out more than two years ago and you think you need another two years to find out if it works with your business apps. What the fuck are you guys doing?

Trying to justify the exhorbatant cost of new machines/new licenses for 7. All of our stuff has been tested, we just don't have a business case to upgrade.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 5, Insightful) 960

But when you're still providing us with Windows XP in 2011, you are doing it wrong.

You do realize that not every company or department has the funds to provide you with the "latest and greatest". Some of us have to work with limited budgets brought down from up above. XP isn't ideal, but it's still being supported for the next 2+ years, which gives IT time to make sure the business apps will continue to function after the new OS is rolled out.

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