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Comment Re:You heretics (Score 1) 680

Because they are not usually watching the game in the actual sanctuary. Obviously your experience with churches is slim, but fellowship halls are a part of the church-going experience. After the worship service is complete, it is not uncommon for the congregation to meet for lunch and continue the fellowship in the other ares of the church. This can include anything recreational that fosters a Christian way of life. I don't understand how you can equate sporting events to blasphemy. I distinctly remember being a senior in high school and attending "5th Quarter" at the church on Friday nights after the high school football games were over. We'd make a habit of ordering loads of pizza, open up the basketball courts, turn on the big screens, and hold a prayer devotional before the festivities began. Nothing uncommon about that at least where I'm from in the US.

The Secret of the Sun's Heated Atmosphere 158

eldavojohn writes "There has long been speculation on why the Sun's surface is a mere ten thousand degrees while the atmosphere can reach millions. is reporting that the mystery has now been solved. Researchers looked for Alfven waves in the solar chromosphere and found them. Followup studies employing simulations demonstrated that the energetics work out to transfer energy from the Sun's surface to its overlying corona.. The magnetic waves may also be the power source behind the solar wind."
The Internet

General Motors Embraces Open Source for New Community Site 80

An anonymous reader writes "GM has introduced a new website called GMnext. The site utilizes Wordpress and launching in spring a Wiki allowing General Motors to get better feedback on topics such as energy, design and technology from the community. The interesting part is the executives at GM are participating in the collaborative website. 'We're starting our second century at a time of fundamental change in the auto industry,' said GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. 'We'll use GMnext to introduce some of our ideas for addressing critical issues concerning energy, the environment and globalization. In the process, we also hope to spark a broader, global discussion on these important topics.'"

Submission + - Dark Matter May Not Exist (

MozeeToby writes: Last August, a collision of two huge clusters of galaxy's was found to have separated the normal matter of the clusters from the dark matter. Now scientists are saying that this is not necessarily the case. Instead, John Moffat and Joel Brownstein propose a Modified Gravity theory that they say can explain these results and others without having introduce dark matter.

Submission + - Best Space Photo captured at Mount Palomar (

Ilse Jurrien writes: This is a scoop, check out LetsGoDigital A team of astronomers led by Cambridge University have taken some of the best space photos of the stars that are sharper than anything produced by the Hubble telescope, at 50 thousandths of the cost. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), used a technique called "Lucky Imaging" to take the most detailed space photos of stars and nebulae ever produced — using a camera based on the ground at Mount Palomar. Space Photos from ground based telescopes are usually blurred by the Earth's atmosphere — the same effect that makes the stars appear to twinkle when we look at them with the naked eye. hoto-picture/

Submission + - 'Clearest' images taken of space (

Polar Star writes: "A team of astronomers from the US and the UK has obtained some of the clearest pictures of space ever taken. They were acquired using a new "adaptive optics" system which sharpens pictures taken from the Mount Palomar Observatory in California. The images are twice as sharp as those from Hubble Space Telescope."

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