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Submission + - President Obama Signs Legislation Establishing Information Control Agency

stephenmac7 writes: President Obama has recently signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, which "authorizes FY2017 appropriations and sets forth policies regarding the military activities of the Department of Defense (DOD), military construction, and the national security programs of the Department of Energy (DOE)." Perhaps more notably, it establishes a new Department of State agency, the Global Engagement Center, that some claim may be the beginning of an Orwellian propaganda agency. Its task is to “understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation aimed at undermining United States national security interests" and support “the development and dissemination of fact-based narratives and analysis to counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States and” its partners and allies. It is also authorized to gather information from intelligence agencies and financially support various groups, apparently of its own choosing, including “civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions.”

Submission + - VW's ID Buzz electric microbus concept looks like a 21st century Mystery Machine (ibtimes.co.uk)

drunkdrone writes: Given the emissions scandal that rocked Volkswagen in 2015, we reckon Scooby Doo and the gang would opt for something a little more environmentally-sound were they to be reinvented for the 21st Century. VW's new ID Buzz electric concept car, unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit on 8 January, is exactly the sort of thing we can imagine the overbearing talking dog and four meddlesome kids driving around in today.

Submission + - AMD Announces X300 And X370 AM4 Motherboards For Ryzen, All CPUs Unlocked (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: AMD has a lot riding on Ryzen, its new generation CPU architecture that is supposed to return the chip designer to a competitive position versus Intel in the high-end desktop X86 processor market. Late last week, at CES 2017, AMD has lined up over a dozen high-performance AM4 motherboards from five hardware partners, including ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI. All AM4 motherboards are built around one of two desktop chipsts for Ryzen, the AMD X370 or X300. Motherboards based on the X370 chipset are intended for power users and gamers. These boards bring more robust overclocking controls and support for dual graphics cards, along with more I/O connectivity and dual-channel DDR4 memory support. The X300 is AMD's chipset for mini-ITX motherboards for small form factor (SFF) system platforms. The X300 also supports dual-channel DDR4 memory, PCIe 3.0, M.2 SATA devices, NVMe, and USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 1. Finally, AMD representatives on hand at CES also reported that all Ryzen processors will be multiplier unlocked, hopefully for some rather flexible overclocking options. There will also be several processors in the family, with varying core counts depending on SKU, at launch.

Submission + - Buh-bye, H-1B's 1

DogDude writes: From the Washington Post: Trump and Sessions plan to restrict highly skilled foreign workers. Hyderabad says to bring it on.
"Trump has described H-1Bs as a “cheap labor program” subject to “widespread, rampant” abuse. Sessions co-sponsored legislation last year with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to effectively gut the program; Issa, a congressman with Trump’s ear, released a statement Wednesday saying he was reintroducing similar legislation called the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act."

Submission + - Defense Budget Analysis Market worth $1,748.46 Billion by 2020 (marketsandmarkets.com)

Abhijeet81 writes: The western countries’ defense budget has seen a substantial decline, in the recent years. This has resulted in reduced army capabilities such as fewer military personnel, lesser weapon systems, and delayed modernization. However, increased productivity in defense is leading to increased cost savings, while also securing the combat power of the country. Factors such as the shift to high-tech conventional warfare tactics, rapid adoption rate of advanced technologies, and protection against cybercrimes is expected to drive the defense spending by the U.S.

However, compared to developed countries, China, and Saudi Arabia are expected to grow at the highest rate over the next six years. Growth in the defense spending in these countries is projected to be propelled by factors such as growing internal security needs, improving the border security, rising focus on neighboring countries’ defense spending, and increase in government initiatives to raise the living standards of soldiers.

The top 10 defense spending analysis market is estimated to be $ 1,160.58 billion in 2014, and is expected to register a CAGR of 7.07%, to reach $1,748.46 billion in 2020

This report describes the analysis and forecast of the defense spending. The defense spending has been segmented on the basis of expenditure and platforms. The report highlights the factors driving the market, along with the restraints. It addition to this, it contains a brief about the recent technology, market, and industry trends.

The global top 10 defense spending analysis market is a diversified and competitive market with a large number of players. The report details the leading competitors in the defense systems market along with, the general overview of companies, and their financial position, key products, and market sizes. The key players in this market include Lockheed Martin Corporation (U.S.), The Boeing Company (U.S.), BAE Systems Plc. (U.K.), Raytheon Company (U.S.), Northrop Grumman Corporation (U.S.), and General Dynamics Corporation(U.S.).

Submission + - Colombia finds drone used to transport drugs (dronesreviews.xyz)

MelloD writes: In Colombia, authorities seized a drone accompanied by cocaine. It seemed that this UAV had been used to carry drugs to Panama

Last November, the Colombian authorities have captured what may be the future of drug trafficking: drones . Authorities are wary that this vehicle was being used to transport drugs from the northern part of Colombia to Panama.

The drone, dismantled, was found in Bahía Solano, on the coast of Colombia. Along with its pieces were 130 kilograms of cocaine. All of this was buried under the sand.

One of those involved in the arrest, General Jose Acevedo, states. "it had the capacity to carry ten kilograms per trip and could travel for 100 kilometers,".

This is not the first time a drone has been seen doing drug hauling. Previously , a drone carrying 2.7 kilos of cocaine fell on the border between Mexico and the US.
In London , this type vehicle was seen carrying drugs and cell phones into a prison.

Submission + - 37% of Detroit, Michigan, voting machines report more registered votes then cast

Mashiki writes: 37% of Detroit, MI., voting machines reporting more votes then cast after a recount. Detroit went heavily towards Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Voting irregularities have spurred plans by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office Elections Director Chris Thomas to investigate state wide for other voting irregularities following the recount which was stopped. State officials are planning to investigate 20 Detroit precincts where voter boxes opened during the recount showed fewer ballots then counted by optical readers. In total nearly 60% of Detroit precincts had vastly different voter totals, with more votes cast then actual ballots in voter boxes. At this time there is no idea how many votes have been added to totals in Detroit.

Submission + - Scientific American column: It's Not Cold Fusion... But It's Something

An anonymous reader writes: Scientific American magazine has published a guest column on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The article puts into context the history of what was mistakenly referred to as cold fusion and what happened. The bottom line is that there is compelling cumulative evidence for nuclear reactions taking place, including shifts in the abundance of isotopes, element transmutations, and localized melting of metals. Furthermore, those reactions do not have the characteristics of either nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Despite sharp criticism from much of the scientific community after the 1989 announcement by Fleischmann and Pons, the Department of the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center and other reputable organizations continued the research and published many papers.

The column was co-written by the author and editor of a three book series describing the history of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, from 1912 to the present. Lost History describes the early chemical and electrical transmutations observed between 1912 and 1927. Fusion Fiasco tells the story of what happened when Pons and Fleischmann made their astonishing announcement in 1989, and the fiasco that ensued. Hacking the Atom continues the story from 1990 to the present.

Submission + - New USB-based HIV test can show results on a mobile device within 30 minutes (ibtimes.co.uk)

drunkdrone writes: Scientists have developed a new, USB-based HIV test that can produce results in less than 30 minutes. The device, created by scientists at at Imperial College London and spin-off company DNAe, opens up new possibilities for at-home HIV treatment as well as a means for those living in remote regions to get tested for the virus.

The USB device uses a drop of blood to detect levels of HIV in the bloodstream — a key part of HIV treatment. If the test detects a change in acidity caused by the presence of the virus, an on-board mobile chip triggers an electrical signal that can then be viewed on a laptop or other mobile device.

Submission + - Grubhub CEO requests Trump supporters resignation (nypost.com) 2

helsinki92 writes: The co-founder of food delivery service Grubhub sent an email to all his employees suggesting that supporters of President-elect Donald Trump should resign, then issued a statement saying he welcomes all employees, regardless of their political beliefs.

Submission + - Redhat Declares MP3 Decoding allowed in Fedora

jrincayc writes: On the fedora legal mailing list Tom Callaway wrote:
"Red Hat has determined that it is now acceptable for Fedora to include MP3 decoding functionality (not specific to any implementation, or binding by any unseen agreement). Encoding functionality is not permitted at this time. "
Christian Schaller announced on the gnome blog:
"You should be able to download the mp3 plugin on day 1 through GNOME Software or through the missing codec installer in various GStreamer applications. For Fedora Workstation 26 I would not be surprised if we decide to ship it on the install media. "

Submission + - Grubhub CEO orders pro-Trump employees to resign (foxnews.com) 8

mi writes: If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here,” — wrote Matt Maloney, Co-Founder of Grubhub. “We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team."

Hating (on) haters is Ok. Who is deplorable now?

Submission + - Why AT&T's Attempt To Kill Municipal Broadband In Tenn. Matters To All Ameri (cio.com)

itwbennett writes: If you don't live in Chattanooga, Tenn., you probably aren't aware that the city's municipally owned electric utility, EPB, provides its broadband Internet — nice, fast Internet to boot. And, even if you did happen to know that, you probably don't care. But CIO's Bill Snyder explains why you should take note of AT&T's efforts to block the expansion of EPB's network on the grounds that 'the government should not compete with private enterprise.' At issue is more than a question of whether the greater Chattanooga area can have access to fast broadband because in all areas of the U.S. 'where big ISPs have the market to themselves, consumers often get stuck in the Web's slow lane,' says Snyder.

Submission + - UK wants authority to serve warrants in U.S. (usatoday.com)

schwit1 writes: British and U.S. officials have been negotiating a plan that could allow British authorities to directly serve wiretap orders on U.S. communications companies in criminal and national security inquiries, U.S. officials confirmed Thursday.

The talks are aimed at allowing British authorities access to a range of data, from interceptions of live communications to archived emails involving British suspects, according to the officials, who are not authorized to comment publicly.

Under the proposed plan, British authorities would not have access to records of U.S. citizens if they emerged in the British investigations.

Congressional approval would be required of any deal negotiated by the two countries.

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