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Submission + - India makes their version of SSN database public (ebrahim.org)

An anonymous reader writes: India's SSN system is called PAN, and in India a PAN is required to open any type of financial account. However, in India, anybody can look up anybody else PAN, opening the doors to all kinds of fraudulent activity. What's more, the Indian government themselves are putting this information online and facilitating the misuse!

Submission + - UK Government says “No Evidence” IE is (ebrahim.org)

aliebrah writes: "Lord Avebury tabled a parliamentary question in the UK regarding the security of Internet Explorer and whether the UK government would reconsider its use. He got an answer today from the UK Home Office that's unlikely to please most Slashdot readers. The UK government contends that "there is no evidence that moving from the latest fully patched versions of Internet Explorer to other browsers will make users more secure"."
The Internet

Submission + - UK Government asked to review use of IE (ebrahim.org)

aliebrah writes: "Lord Avebury (blog, bio) has tabled a written question in the United Kingdom House of Lords yesterday, which reads as under:

Lord Avebury to ask Her Majestyââs Government whether, in the light of the recent announcement by Microsoft that Internet Explorer was used to carry out the cyber attacks which prompted Google to say it will withdraw from China, they will review the use of Internet Explorer throughout the public sector. HL1505 Source: House of Lords Business (26 January 2010) and Eric Avebury: Internet vulernability

Lord Avebury mentions that the Parliamentary IT authorities are actively discouraging the use of alternative browsers such as Chrome so it is great to see that he is holding the government accountable for their policies. According to UK parliamentary procedure, the government is obliged to provide a written response to his question on or before 8 February 2010. I think it will be interesting to see what they have to say. Lord Avebury is an active campaigner for the rights of ethnic minorities in the UK and also those who are British nationals living abroad. He is also a member of the EU Select Committee which considers EU policy on protecting Europe from large-scale cyber attacks."


Submission + - HSBC drops Firefox & Safari support (ebrahim.org)

aliebrah writes: "HSBC appears to have dropped support for non-IE browsers for their Verified by Visa service. The official line taken by HSBC is that their entire online platform is "built for Internet Explorer". Other browsers such as Firefox and Safari are unsupported. When asked what Mac users should do, the reply: "use Internet Explorer". How many customers is HSBC going to alienate by this move? By many metrics, Internet Explorer's market share is now below 80% worldwide. That leaves a gaping hole for the remaining 20%+ users who aren't on IE but want to shop online."

Submission + - Enterprise Deployment of Alternative Browsers (ebrahim.org)

An anonymous reader writes: With the current security problems with IE, enterprises are scrambling to get their IE installations set up to mitigate the risk as much as possible. Some companies are even looking at alternative browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Safari. However, there are hurdles preventing deployment. Have you successfully deployed Firefox at your enterprise? If yes, how did you manage updates on user machines with limited rights and what tools did you use to deploy?

Submission + - New Mexico secedes, might declare Pluto Planet

pease1 writes: "Wired and others are reporting for New Mexico, the fight for Pluto is not over. Seven months after a conclave of scientists downgraded the distant heavenly body to a "dwarf planet," a state representative in New Mexico aims to give the snubbed world back some of its respect. State lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a bill that proposes "as Pluto passes overhead through New Mexico's excellent night skies, it be declared a planet." Actual wording of the resolution.

For many of us old timers and those who had the honor of meeting Clyde, this just causes a belly of laughs and is pure fun. Not to mention a bit of poking sticking in the eye."

Submission + - IBM and Yahoo Released Enterprise Search Tool

An anonymous reader writes: IBM and Yahoo have released their enterprise search tool, for free. This will compete with Google's search appliance and so far it looks really nice. I downloaded it, loaded it on my server (Fedora Core 4) and pointed it at my development tree. In a few minutes, it had indexed hundreds of docs and I was able to search for some docs that I have to find for a "data call" by management. It is FREE! It also includes Stellent's excellent (but not OSS) file conversion software for searching and indexing docs. [This is not a plug for IBM/Yahoo and I don't work for either of them.]

Article: Infoworld

Site: Omnifind.ibm.yahoo.net

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