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Submission + - Firefox Devs Ignore Year-Old Major Usability Bug (mozilla.org)

algae writes: This issue has been around since the initial release of Firefox 3. There are over fifty people subscribed to the bug report, and there have been dozens of duplicate submissions of the problem. The last update from an actual Firefox developer was over four months ago, and nothing has been done. What's the problem? When you tell Firefox to confirm new cookies, supposedly "background" tabs jump to the foreground as soon as the cookie dialog appears. This makes browsing sites like Slashdot or Reddit infuriating to say the least, and apparently nothing is being done to fix the behaviour, despite an outpouring of user frustration.

Submission + - Firefox Team "Will Not Fix" Broken Tab Beh (mozilla.org)

algae writes: Since Firefox 3 was released, people who manually manage which sites can and cannot set cookies have been annoyed by new and unwanted behavior when loading tabs in the background. What's the problem? Whereas in previous versions of Firefox the cookie dialog was not tied to the tab setting the cookie, now a cookie prompt will instantly pull the tab in question to the foreground, making for a disruptive and annoying browsing experience. Even worse is that the bug in question has been marked "Will Not Fix", despite 58 comments asking for a return to previous behavior, and new duplicate bug reports coming in multiple times per week.

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