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Comment Re:I work for the education system (Score 1) 359

I don't just put my faith in political parties, which is why I support NO2ID both financially and by supporting and organising local events listed in their fortnightly newsletter. They work to inform public opinion, which in turn puts pressure on the politicians to do things. It's not a perfect system, but I'm doing my part. The parent stated that they were supporting the Pirate Party because the Lib Dems would keep the database. The Lib Dems have stated that they won't. If you're not going to believe them, why would you believe the Pirate Party over them? After all, every opposition party states they will lower taxes etc. etc.... And while I may not believe the Tories, who tried to introduce a national ID card before, and who voted the Identity Cards Act in Parliament, I'm more inclined to believe the Lib Dems (and the Greens) who have been opposed to the entire National Identity Scheme from day one, especially since it's consistent with their other policies on the National DNA Database and so on.

Comment Re:I work for the education system (Score 1) 359

I can't vouch for the Tories (they definitely want to keep the "biometric visa" ID cards for foreign nationals, among other things), but the claim that the Lib Dems would keep the National Identity Register is unmitigated horseshit and slander.

The Liberal Democrats have always said that they will scrap the card, scrap the register and repeal the Identity Cards Act which allows the State to create such databases. You can't get more strong opposition to the scheme than that.

Source: http://freedom.libdems.org.uk/the-freedom-bill/full-text-of-the-freedom-bill/#idcards is the text of the Freedom Bill which the Lib Dems would introduce to restore civil liberties.

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