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Comment Here is my evaluation of the different choices (Score 0, Troll) 718

# Can you afford to cut up your credit cards?
Here is my evaluation of the different choices

Stone-age: Already did -- cash is king! (1873)
Paranoid: I kept one... just in case (1481)
Exemplary: I pay them off in full each month (5797)
Over-spender: I usually pay them off each month (1300)
Careless: As long as I can make the minimum payment, who cares? (756)
Stupid: I'm doing a SCO -- chapters 11 and 7 are my friends (353)
Moron: Someone stole my credit cards, but I didn't report them because they charge less than I do (345)
Funny: I use CowboyNeal's credit card (847)

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