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Comment Think and learn like humans (Score 2, Insightful) 259

The team hopes to be able to use machine learning technologies -- computers that can think and learn like humans

If your definition of a human is a retarded 4-year-old that can be trained to name colors with 75% accuracy, yes.

We're not there, we're not even close; "machine learning" is just the new buzzword in town, rising from the ashes of "big data".

Submission + - Canadians: you have until Oct 7 to weigh in on using voting machines

Presto Vivace writes: Canadians: you have until Oct 7 to weigh in on using voting machines in national elections

"Canadians have until October 7, 2016 to provide their feedback to the Parliamentary Special Committee on Electoral Reform, which is studying the possibility of national online voting, along with having consultations about using electronic voting machines in national elections."

Please Canada, don't be stupid like the US.

Comment Re:what if the E-God Osiris gets mad? (Score 2) 36

In the year 2169, Bennu has a 1/2700 chance of Earth impact. It is too small to be an ELE, but it would be thousands of times bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor.

We will all be dead long before then. I mean didn't anyone on the team that developed this thing watch The Andromeda Strain (the original, not the remake)?!?

No, I don't actually think that will happen, but then again, sometimes life imitates art :)

-- RN

Comment Re:Anonymous Payment Equals Money Laudering (Score 4, Insightful) 212

The biggest problem with mass anonymous payment is that it will facilitate criminal transactions

True, but individual human privacy should always win over war on criminals. There are other ways to catch criminals; there is absolutely no need to put on file all transactions made by citizens.

I'm getting so tired of all that "security" theater going on to excuse more and more data collection. My favorite these days is the "give us a primary key to merge our datasources across the net" by the name of two-factor auth and phone numbers.

Comment Re:Seems legit... (Score 1) 87

Ross Ulbricht is serving life in prison building a website to buy and sell shit that should be legal (well, most of it) anyway.

Didn't he try to have someone murdered?

If that was the case why wasn't he convicted of 1st degree murder? Honest question....

I believe in innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The charges that he was *CONVICTED* of do _NOT_ warrant a life sentence. If he had been convicted of 5 attempts at murder for hire, THAT would warrant a life sentence. You can't (well obviously you can, or he wouldn't have gotten life) sentence someone based on what you THINK they did. The sentencing should be based on the crimes they were charged and convicted of.

But I'm a Libertarian, and I will be feeling the Johnson come November, so what do I know....

Comment Seems legit... (Score 1) 87

So, they want to kill Snowden -- or at the very least lock him away for life, and he is an American hero.

Ross Ulbricht is serving life in prison building a website to buy and sell shit that should be legal (well, most of it) anyway.

Hillary Clinton commits treason, and goes free.

But this dude, sells military secrets to the Russians, and 10 years.... yep ... seems legit to me.


Ask Slashdot: Would You Recommend Updating To Windows 10? 982

Plenty of users are skeptical about upgrading to Windows 10. While they understand that Microsoft's newest desktop operating system comes with a range of interesting features, they are paranoid about the repeated update fiascos that have spoiled the experience for many users. Reader Quantus347 writes: Whenever I think of Windows 10 these days I, like so many others out there, immediately feel a swell of rage over the heavy-handed way the "upgrade" has been forced on me and so many others. I had to downgrade one of my computers that installed windows 10 over a weekend I was away, and as a result, I have been fending off the update ever since. I find myself wondering if Windows 10 is actually that bad. With the end of the "free" upgrade period quickly coming to an end, my fiscally conservative side is starting to overwhelm my fear and distrust of all things new, and I'm wondering if it's time to take the leap. I've been burned too many times for being an early adopter of something that proved to be an underdeveloped product, but Windows 10 has been around for long enough that I'm wondering if it might have it's kinks worked out.

So I ask you, Slashdot, what are your experiences with Windows 10 itself, aside from the auto-upgrade nonsense? How does it measure up to its predecessors, and is it a worthwhile OS in its own right?

Microsoft Needs To Fix Skype ( 224

It's no secret that Microsoft has long stopped caring about Skype for Linux. But the VoIP and instant messaging service isn't exactly working well on other platforms either. Microsoft reporter and critic Tom Warren lists a number of issues he continues to face on Skype. These issues include infrequent restarts, too many update prompts, and just having to deal with the unimpressive user interface that Skype throws at everyone's face. "I'm not sure what Microsoft has done to Skype, but it sucks now," he writes. Warren adds: Recently, friends and family have started experiencing some of the many issues I experience, including calls simply not connecting properly and every device in a home ringing non-stop even when a call is activated. Microsoft had promised to fix notifications blasting out to both your desktop machine and mobile, but I still frequently receive them in real-time on multiple devices. [...] I regularly have to restart the app just to make a call, or have my microphone detected correctly. This isn't a single device with driver issues, it's consistent across machines. I can't even scroll up and down on the contacts section of the Skype app with my trackpad, it just doesn't work. Those are bugs that should be easy to address, but Microsoft has also struggled to get the UI right with Skype.

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