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Comment In other words... (Score 1) 68

[...] will be phased out on July 1. The credit enabled public transit users to apply 15 per cent of their eligible expenses on monthly passes

In other words, public transport cost for regular users just increased 17,6% (1/(1-0.15)). Thanks for helping the planet and the poorest layers of society at the same time, Justin. You're as despicable as your father.

Comment Re:Flaws.. (Score 1) 72

I think they just want your cell phone number.

It's the obvious primary key that can directly link to most of your interesting accounts online (all of those online services who in the name of "security" force you to reveal your phone number) and offline (credit cards, public services accounts); remember the real name policy that Google+ had? so pointless now thanks to "security".

Comment Re:Vault 7 (Score 2) 82

Monolithic executables should make a comeback. Storage and memory are cheap

Saving memory and storage is only one of the reasons shared libraries constitute a better idea. Say they find a vulnerability in one shared library; after an update of said library, all programs using it are automagically updated. You don't have to update each and every program (and wait for each and every program's maintainer to fix the vulnerability and release a new version).

Comment Biggest MITM on the net (Score 1) 82

Perhaps this leak might be a sufficient wake up call to leave that ultimate MITM service. What you gain by using it is protection against troubles you wish you had. No, your crappy cooking wordpress won't be DDoSed. Yes, I can buy a bank-grade vault and hire guards to protect my whole life's savings of $197, but you'd think I'm crazy if I did, wouldn't you?

Comment Re:Get what they deserve (Score 3, Informative) 144

Even non-technical Facebook users know that it is a privacy nightmare .. so why keep one?

You want to stay in touch with friends and family -- EMAIL. At least there are some modest privacy protections in place for email accounts.

-- RN

Good god, fuck no. Sorry but comparing email to a social network is like comparing a telegram to a video conference. The use cases are different. The presentation is different. The way it works is very different. What you can do with it is different.

You know what email is good for? Sending some long text to one person.

God you bring back nightmares of people trying to share something as simple as a few family vacation snaps via email. 30 people all getting nothing but messages that a sender has tried overloading your inbox, only to have it get resent in a format so badly compressed that no one can make out anything. Not to mention the persistency of things posted to facebook and the ability to modify collections of posts give it features that just aren't possible with email which are none the less great for when you're communicating with family and friends.

I'm not going to say you're comparing apples to oranges here. You're comparing apples to a medium rare pepper steak with mushroom sauce, and a side of wonderfully spiced wedges, yes you could eat the both but you wouldn't use one in place of the other.

I don't believe that I said that they were remotely equal. As for your "You know what email is good for? Sending some long text to one person." -- I guess you haven't heard of distribution lists? As for sending attachments -- uh, no. If I take a video of my niece, and upload it to Dropbox, I can get a link that I can paste into an email and send.... viola -- the family all has a copy, and Facebook (or anyone else for that matter) can't do shit with it.

Now, you are correct about the fact that isn't as efficient as Facebook, but again, I guess you don't care about your privacy -- I do.

-- RN

Comment What a *feature* (Score 2) 17

Data can be inserted into GE and retrieved at high speed since it's kept in-memory and only written back to disk as needed.

If your database system does not avoid disk I/O when it can, and does not leverage memory allocated to it, it's a pretty shitty database system, be it graph-based, relational, key-value or schema-less. This is not a feature, it's just basic design that's found in all database systems you already use every day.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1560

Thank California for that. Because apart from the landslide in California, she lost handily in the rest of the 49 states. ...and if you remove the Trump landslide in Texas, he would have handily lost the election. But at least you believe that being blatant biased is more important than being a patriot.

And if you take away both California and Texas, then she still loses, but now she loses the popular vote as well. You can't take away one state that a candidate won, without taking away one for the other.

Comment And email too! (Score 1) 75

When is gmail going to get an edit function? Maybe twitter actually needs draft tweets? Seems better than allowing to change the history of a conversation, no?

Seriously, if there's no edit but people are still clamouring for it, maybe a bit of education could go a long way helping them understand the difference between a blog and twitter. Oh, and reviewing up to 140 chars doesn't take that much effort.

Comment The absolute power of proprietary software (Score 1) 124

Once again, a proprietary software company is caught red-handed violating users' privacy. Sigh.

Why are we still trusting those companies who engage in software abuse, mistreating our digital lives? What will it take before mass resignation of such companies' employees because they're fed up from being part of immoral spying schemes?

Oh, and don't give me that food on the table bogus argument; Red Hat makes hundreds of millions profit a year with free software, and most web developers who mix and match free software make more than a decent pay. There's ways to make a living in computing without sacrificing human dignity.

Submission + - Why Google Home Will Change the World (

Lauren Weinstein writes: Much has recently been written about Google Home, the little vase-like cylinder that started landing in consumers’ hands only a week or so ago. Home’s mandate sounds simple enough in theory — listen to a room for commands or queries, then respond by voice and/or with appropriate actions.

What hasn’t been much discussed however, is how the Home ecosystem is going to change for the better the lives of millions to billions of people over time, in ways that most of us couldn’t even imagine today. It will drastically improve the lives of vast numbers of persons with visual and/or motor impairments, but ultimately will dramatically and positively affect the lives of everyone else as well.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 1) 322

Windows was important in the 90s. Wake up that is so last century.

Some of us grown-ups have to use our computers for *work* and can't just choose whatever OS has the prettiest icons, you know. That's why Windows still runs the vast majority of the world's workstations.

The company I work for is on track to be Microsoft free by Q3 2017. We are already MS free on the workstation side, but there are things like Great Plains, that they got backed into a corner YEARS ago, that are a lot harder to let go of. Even that will be gone Q1 2017, the two biggies are the SQL server clusters, they will be the last to go.

So don't cry me a river about it isn't possible to run a big corporation without sucking on the MS teat. I have helped several companies shed at least the MS workstation weight, and this will be the first that has decided to go *entirely* MS free.

Now I am not a graphics person. But I can still see that in the professional gfx world, Photoshop is still king. However, the shops that have custom software, and don't have the source code -- well they were just stupid.

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