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Comment No major improvement on their one-click patent (Score 1) 82

I can’t imagine how this could be reasonably accurate, since there is no predefined list of noises requiring attention. Even a sophisticated AI program would IMHO fail most of the time.

And then of course some will complain that they missed something important or had an accident because of that

Comment Online privacy does not exist anyway, why bother? (Score 1) 47

I follow Google+ on that matter. Online privacy is an irrelevant matter. It causes a plethora of problems for no benefit. You are less likely to behave miserably or deal with offending matters if you are assuming your identity.

Now of course it would be better to revise a few laws before enforcing transparency.

Comment Make it legal with a periodic fee? (Score 1) 111

How about a periodic fee to be allowed to download copyrighted material? The system would be run by the national societies ASCAP/SACEM etc. It would be much cheaper for old stuff. The fee would also depend on the category (music, movies, software, etc) and might be subject to a volume limit. It would then be redistributed to the authors using the download statistics. Many would still cheat of course but not all (see the working though overpriced itunes, amazon, etc.) and I am inclined to think that the system could overall work satisfactorily. IMHO at least worth a try.

Comment Re:Quit it already! (Score 1) 470

You should read more carefully: GMO crops are not "contaminating", they are giving "a boon to global biodiversity" – until the natural and traditionally selected species are eradicated or course, but that's not even proved and anyway it will probably take some time, so no need to worry.

And BTW no Nobel prize (even in economy) ever accepts money from corporations.

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