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Comment Re:Sensors? (Score 1) 383

There are good and bad human drivers, and their accident rates may easily vary from 1 to 10 and more. Here in France the insurance rate penalties due to bad records are limited to the 1-5 range, and it would be much more if legislation allowed. So an automatic vehicle might be a good plan for a bad driver, and a bad plan for a good driver.

Comment Why should workers be treated as children? (Score 1) 178

For once I agree with companies. State-secured paternalist schemes for employees and all the administrative overload that comes with them will be gradually relinquished and it is a good thing. Work and skills can be sold on the market on a task basis just like any other good. Overprotecting workers too often makes them work just as much not to be fired (even less so for officials), while those who sell their services will aim at excellence in order to raise their rates and dictate their conditions.

Comment Privacy = hypocritical waste of time (Score 1) 157

The merit of Snowden is to have pinpointed the lack of transparency, not to be a hero of privacy. Privacy is a lame concept, which mainly helps criminals from governments to street gangs do their things. Let's bet on transparency: your user data will be valueless and the political system will have no choice other than comply.

Comment Should We Kill All Capitalists? (Score 1) 470

Or at least make them pay the damage they do? Only capitalists seem to be able to come up with such stupid ideas. Then it takes years to prove that it DOES harm, because any proof in a multifactorial context is very difficult to obtain. See e.g. the neonicotinoids, which have decimated the pollenizers and enriched criminal chemical labs for more that 2 decades until their lethal effects could not be contested any more.

Comment No major improvement on their one-click patent (Score 1) 82

I can’t imagine how this could be reasonably accurate, since there is no predefined list of noises requiring attention. Even a sophisticated AI program would IMHO fail most of the time.

And then of course some will complain that they missed something important or had an accident because of that

Comment Online privacy does not exist anyway, why bother? (Score 1) 47

I follow Google+ on that matter. Online privacy is an irrelevant matter. It causes a plethora of problems for no benefit. You are less likely to behave miserably or deal with offending matters if you are assuming your identity.

Now of course it would be better to revise a few laws before enforcing transparency.

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