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Comment Re:Quit it already! (Score 1) 470

You should read more carefully: GMO crops are not "contaminating", they are giving "a boon to global biodiversity" – until the natural and traditionally selected species are eradicated or course, but that's not even proved and anyway it will probably take some time, so no need to worry.

And BTW no Nobel prize (even in economy) ever accepts money from corporations.

Comment Erratum from betanews (Score 1) 314

The photograph illustrating the linked article was inadvertently taken from our science story. It is actually a computer aided reconstitution of a supposed profile from an early homo habilis which has been recently discovered and nicknamed "Donald". We would like to apologize for this unfortunate substitution.

Comment So you think current IT Babel is attractive? (Score 1) 373

What would you say if the mason you hired spent 7 hours out of 8 repairing his concrete mixer instead of building your walls? And apart from losing his/her time and efforts to maintain his/her computers, today’s developer has the extra benefit that s/he is building on quicksands.

I wish women could bring back some common sense in this industry.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Does SD lack common sense because it lacks women? 2

alexandre.oberlin writes: Does software development fail to attract women because most applications (including web interfaces) blatantly lack a minimal level of common sense and flexibility, or is it the other way around?
Application programming is not a purely technical matter, as programs must interact with people, hopefully in a way that help them work better and faster. There are a lot of things that could at least partially be done by computer programs, and still are not. It seems that most current applications are at the same time over ambitious for triffling details (e.g. attempt to avoid the user a pair of keystrokes) and under ambitious for truly useful features (e.g. humbly ask the user for hints rather than being Misstra Know-It-All, detect and report malfunctions by having some clues about what a human user is likely to expect from a computer, etc.).
They also lack systematic reuse of components and not only web interfaces all too often look as proteiform "bricolage", despite the existence of appropriate tools. But that is another story.

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