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Are you sure? I got the impression ZackShil wanted to demonstrate that the other Scandinavian countries are 'poor' compared to Norway since they have half the GDP per capita. Notice the extra linebreak before Norway... Or maybe I should just give it a rest before I get wooshed again.

Comment Re:Using Company Laptop For Personal Use (Score 1) 671

As long as I keep bringing in good money for the company, my clients are happy and I am not compromising the security of the company then they don't really care what I do with my (their) laptop.

With an up to date browser, a malware scanner and decent virus software there really isn't much of any significant damage from normal use of a company laptop. And if I should happen to catch a virus or something like that, the ten minutes that IT has to spend reimaging the maching really is peanuts compared to the money I bring in to the company.

Why is everyone so aggressive here today?

Comment Re:Using Company Laptop For Personal Use (Score 1) 671

What made you think I was lazy?
I am not talking about doing personal stuff in my work time. I am talking about using a company laptop for personal tasks when I am not on the clock. Personally, I dont torrent from my company laptop, but I do pretty much everything else.

But yes; any employer that would seriously fire someone for doing something as innocent as using it for surfing the web, watching videos or (in moderation) playing games is petty and I would not want to work for them.

Comment Re:Using Company Laptop For Personal Use (Score 1) 671

My answer: Yes, use it for personal use. Just dont install any trojans or malware. None of my employers have ever had any problems with personal use. I surf the net, watch videos, install tools and applications, and on very rare occasions install games. Frankly if my employer would fire someone over using a company laptop for personal use then I would know they don't value their employees and I would move on. (Posting from company laptop)

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