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Pakistan Tries To Ban Encryption 185

An anonymous reader writes "Pakistan has a new Telecoms Law going into effect, which requires widespread monitoring of internet usage. In response, new reports are saying that the country is banning encryption, including VPNs, because it would interfere with the ability of ISPs to monitor internet usage."

Alaska Must Release Palin E-mails By May 211

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from "The state of Alaska has until May 31 to release about 25,000 pages of e-mails from former Gov. Sarah Palin and senior members of her administration, the state attorney general declared Wednesday. ... the delays in dealing with public records from the Palin administration will have stretched out longer than the Palin administration itself. She was governor for 966 days. By May 31, the request from for the official records will be 986 days old. State regulations usually require records to be made available within 10 days, but state officials said they were overwhelmed by the volume of the e-mails."

Comment Re:obQuote (Score 0) 484

The obvious quote is the scene from Hal Hartley's "Trust", where Ed's head gets put in the vice after an argument about (unnamed IT company) deliberately using faulty parts. ... only I can't remember the exact line, and I'm firewalled and can't find a script anywhere. :\ FML

Comment Re: Copyright? (Score 2, Informative) 154

PC/Amiga classic 'Cannon Fodder' was also recently ripped off (certainly from a look and feel perspective, and all reviews mention the likeness) as an iphone/itouch game Warpack Grunts - with no credit to the original coders on their website. Considering the original devs have their own mobile phone development company I doubt they would have allowed this, and I hope they have sicced their lawyers onto them. I doubt Apple look too closely for prior art and are more interested in counting the filthy lucre their Jesus phone is piling up at their feet.

Red Hat Software

Fedora 12 Lets Users Install Signed Packages, Sans Root Privileges 502

eqisow writes "The new default policy for Fedora 12 allows local, unprivileged users to install signed packages without root access. This change apparently went mostly unnoticed until after the Fedora 12 GA release, at which point it sparked a mailing list thread that is, as of this writing, over 100 posts long."

Mac OS X 10.6.2 Will Block Atom Processors 1012

Archeopteryx writes "According to Wired's 'Gadget Lab' blog, Snow Leopard's next update, OS X 10.6.2, will block the Atom processor and will disable many 'Hackintosh' netbooks. It is indeed true that OS X will run just fine on some netbooks if you install the right drivers and ktexts, but Apple's EULA has always specified that the license was applicable only to Apple hardware. There have always been processor types specified in OS X and that have to be worked around now for those who want to use an Atom or similar non-Apple-adopted processor, so this is likely no more than a hiccup on the road for the OSX86 crowd. But, it raises the question: is it time for Apple to sell a license for non-Apple hardware — priced accordingly of course — for those people who want OS X on platform types Apple has not yet adopted, like the netbook? The only reason OS X is not on my Eee is that I want to comply with the licensing terms. I could just pay for a license to use it."

Comment Dear Apple: Sue These Guys Instead, Please (Score -1) 425 (exercise caution, badware reported) (mirror) (logo closeup)

Their 'viral' marketing campaign includes vandalism -- paste-ups or posters all over Melbourne. They look shit, it's obviously derivative, they're begging for some Streisand action, why not deliver them some. Leave the graf and posters to people with talent

... or perhaps that's what they want

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