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Comment Simple as moo (Score 1) 519

So far it is more effective for media companies to use ads in the form of link to a third party websites and live with adblocks. I suppose at some point media companies will start place ads hosted in the same domains as their primary services to make current generation of adblocks obsolete.

Comment School teacher or hard core software development? (Score 1) 420

Being a school teacher is not that bad if you can do this job. Otherwise just plain hard core software developer seems like a pretty decent path.

I doubt that India and China can raise outsourcing levels, quality is poor and the cost is going up by an hour.

All other countries are small or have a very long way to go. Looking around me I find that even pretty inept engineers are employed. Yes, the most inept engineer I met in past 25 years moved to be a store manager but he was really exceptionally inept.

IMHO, all remaining outsourcing trends are due to the fact that management simply could not find anything else to do.

So, if you can do something beyond filling getters and setters generated by your IDE, your job prospects are decent. If you know why setters should be deleted (*) your job prospects are good relative to most of the other mass occupations.

BTW I do believe that sucking the rest of world dry from talent is a good idea in many respects. Among other thing it is way easier to compete against some one making 1/2 of your salary vs one making 1/10th.

(*)Setters break encapsulation - for ones who did not learn it yet.

Comment Re:I Don't Know How Universal It Is ... (Score 1) 376

I am 57, developer, tried managing 20 years ago and switched back after one (successful but unpleasant) year. I am talking about real software (10M+ in LOCs as a minimum) and for whatever reason (I do not have an explanation) it takes time for an engineer to become really productive in this kind of environment - in all serious companies I ever worked/contracted for most heavy heaters were 40+ and I remember only one below 35.

Comment Re:Avoid submitting Resumes through the Web (Score 1) 479

This is a pretty good advice: yes it is a pretty good idea to (re)enter job market as a contractor, yes head-hunters do provide value to both job hunters and employers.

About ph.d. working as software developer:
(a) I meet two and both were hardworking but none of them could be considered a good developer. Over years one became barely ok, another left the industry. I suspect my experience is not unique.
(b) try old tech - Intel, IBM, wall-street - again starting as contractor will ease the entrance.


Comment hw - sw switch is popular (Score 1) 466

I saw 10s of engineers who made this switch. In some industries (telecom equipment, storage) it is very common. I do not understand the question about language - I suppose you can program in C and it is still bread and butter in many cases.

Try to get contract job first. In the past I had good experience with some guys that now are working for

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