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Submission + - The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality (

rcht148 writes: Rich Geldreich (game/graphics programmer) has made a blog post on the quality of different OpenGL Drivers. Using anonymous titles (Vendor A: Nvidia; Vendor B: AMD; Vendor C: Intel), he plots the landscape of game development using OpenGL. Vendor A, jovially known as 'Graphics Mafia' concentrates heavily on performance but won't share it's specifications thus blocking any open source driver implementations as much as possible. Vendor B has the most flaky drivers. They have good technical know-how on OpenGL but due to an extremely small team (money woes), they have shoddy drivers. Vendor C is extremely rich. It had not taken graphics seriously until a few years ago. They support open source specifications/drivers wholeheartedly but it will be few years before their drivers come to par with market standards. He concludes that using OpenGL is extremely difficult and without the blessings of these vendors, it's near impossible to ship a major gaming title.

Comment Re:Farming (Score 1) 737

in the context of an apocalyptic event... you take any farming that you can. you get fancy then you probably discover you don't have the resources or knowledge to make it work.
just watch how well farming in the walking dead goes.

Comment Re:Only works if the teacher isn't the one in thre (Score 1) 470

When I was in high school, one of our teachers told us voodoo magic was real, and that contrary to popular belief, it would work on you even if you didn't believe in it. Try to make teachers talk about astrology and you'll end up with them going around the classroom with shit like, "That's because you're a Virgo".

In school my geography teacher was a believer of the hollow earth and recommended us to read some book about it.
Beat that!

Comment Re:April Fools! (Score 1) 162

yes, most people comparing subversion with hit should check instead mercurial.
Mercurial is much easier to understand than git and has a nice portable GUI.
I'm not saying got is bad, just it appear to work at a lower level than other SCMs.

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