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Comment Re:And Muffet is employed by? (Score 2) 114

>If facebook received an NSL or warrant, it could trivially trigger this "ugly, obvious, risky" mechanism and read "secure" traffic, with little if any visible sign at the sender / recipient.

(cough/) how about bunches of messages randomly going missing?

kindly go read this:

Comment Re:And Muffet is employed by? (Score 5, Informative) 114

a) just check my twitter for proof - and my 4-digit Slashdot ID. :-)

b) i've built a reputation for 25 years, saying such things. Go dig up my USENET from 1991. Hasn't done me any harm that I care about, and it has done me measurable good when people see me commit to a set of values or a proposition with no "if", "and" or "but".

c) at least I'm funny. :-)

Comment full write up with experiences and descriptions (Score 1) 280

i've been suffering this and writing it up at my blog:

- for 2 or 3 weeks now, it's good to see it getting some press at last. Since my kindle no longer takes a full charge after these shenanigans, I am pressing for a full replacement of the Kindle, and a better solution for the cover.

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