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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely' - BBC News ( 1

BBC News

Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely'
BBC News
Scientists say the recent downturn in the rate of global warming will lead to lower temperature rises in the short-term. Since 1998, there has been an unexplained "standstill" in the heating of the Earth's atmosphere. Writing in Nature Geoscience, the ...
Dire outlook despite global warming 'pause': study - Science NewsPhys.Org
A second chance to save the climateNew Scientist
Lid lowered on global warming rateNew Zealand Herald
The Australian-Scientific American-AllGov
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Submission + - Fags adopting children = children suicide (

aleckais writes: This is a NARTH-published paper. Here's an excerpt:

"In a household with a homosexually-behaving adult, the foster child would be exposed to additional stress with the impact of the significantly higher rates of psychological disorder (particularly affective disorders such as depression), suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, suicide completion, conduct disorder, and substance abuse in homosexually-behaving adults. Thus, a foster placement in a household with a homosexually-behaving adult would risk exposing foster children
to a substantially higher level of harm because research indicates that parental affective disorder results in higher rates of child depression, child maltreatment and neglect, as mediated by interpersonal stress processes."

Slashdot's mediocrity should not have suppressed the link to the paper showing experimentally that fags = pedophiles. Here's the link to the NIH paper:

People, stop posting idiotic comments: the signal to noise ratio is vanishingly small...

Submission + - Fags = pedophiles (

aleckais writes: Previous investigations have indicated that the ratio of sex offenders against female children vs. offenders against male children is approximately 2:1, while the ratio of gynephiles to androphiles among the general population is approximately 20:1. The present study investigated whether the etiology of preferred partner sex among pedophiles is related to the etiology of preferred partner sex among males preferring adult partners. Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the proportion of true pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders against children, and taking into consideration previously reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually. This, of course, would not indicate that androphilic males have a greater propensity to offend against children.

Submission + - Slashdot is bad (

aleckais writes: An interesting approximation. In any case you have been warned. By the way, you'll soon discover that there's no Higgs boson found.

Comment Lamarckism not Darwinism... (Score -1) 1

"Nagel pointed out to Goedel that Goedel's extreme dualist view (according to which souls and bodies have quite separate existences, linking up with one another at birth to conjoin in a sort of partnership that is severed upon death) seems hard to reconcile with the theory of evolution. Goedel professed himself a nonbeliever in evolution and topped this off by pointing out, as if this were additional corroboration for his own rejection of Darwinism: "You know Stalin didn't believe in evolution either, and he was a very intelligent man."" (R. Goldstein, Incompleteness)
"I don't believe in natural science" (K. Goedel)

Submission + - Putin Reportedly Comments on T-Platform Supercomputer Controversy (

Nerval's Lobster writes: Russian president Vladimir Putin appears to be interjecting himself into the controversy over T Platforms, the Russian supercomputer maker essentially blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Meanwhile, T-Platforms’ highest-profile U.S. customer, SUNY Stony Brook, says it severed ties with T-Platforms last year. In March, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security added T-Platforms’ businesses in Germany, Russia and Taiwan to the “Entity List,” which includes those believed to be acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States. Commerce felt, according to the notice, that T-Platforms may be illegally assisting the Russian military and/or its nuclear program. In the meantime, Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly weighed in on the T-Platforms question. “That’s right. The use of political levers for unfair competition,” Putin said, according to “Our European colleagues are independent people and they claim they want to work with us in certain spheres, yet they act as though they are absolutely dependent and unable to make their own decision. Is that so?” It’s odd that Putin was quoted talking about “European colleagues” when the Americans were responsible for cutting T-Platforms off. In any case, does it indicate that some political pressure may be brought to bear to allow the Russian supercomputer maker back into the United States? Let’s see if it happens.

Comment Goedel, social networks and atheism (Score -1) 181

Dear Mr. Dyson, thank you for doing something that you likely know is futile. Why do atheists tend to chose what is worse (e.g., GPUs instead of software octree renderers, image-order instead of object-order rendering, a much more demanding approach and therefore pollutant and yet believe in global warming)? Why atheists still haven't understood that horizontal interaction destroys truth (e.g., cf. "How social influence can undermine the wisdom of crowd effect"). Why isn't slashdot's sinkhole-ness & idiocy, karma, notation system etc. criticized on scientific grounds? Why did Plato, Leibniz, Newton, Brouwer or Goedel believe in a most high god? Why do people reject ontological arguments? Why do atheists deny religion and at the same time follow twitter/facebook/today's heroes/little green men/Wittgenstein pocket gods or worship Mammon in their love of money? Why are axioms given to believers only? Why are so many convinced that the Higgs boson has been found? Why are researchers loving money more than truth in accepting grants to investigate losing strategies like raycasting? A tentative reply: The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good. (Psalm 14.1) With respect.

Submission + - Evolution (

aleckais writes: Gödel also once expressed a concern about the mathematical underpinnings of evolution. Writing to his colleague Hao Wang he noted "The formation within geological time of a human body by the laws of physics (or any other laws of similar nature), starting from a random distribution of elementary particles and the field, is as unlikely as the separation by chance of the atmosphere into its components."

Submission + - Flame virus (

aleckais writes: ""Iran's cyber defence organisation, the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, in a message posted on its website, warned that the virus is potentially more harmful than the Stuxnet worm that attacked Tehran's nuclear programme. It is estimate that the malicious software is 20 times more powerful than other known cyber warfare programmes, that could only have been made by a state." The state, of course, is either (inclusive) China, Russia or, obviously, Iran."

Submission + - The Most Detailed 121-megapixel Image Of Earth Captured By Russian Satellite ( 1

Diggester writes: The satellite, known as Elektro-L No.1, took this image from its stationary point over 35,000 kilometers above the Indian Ocean. This is the most detailed image of the Earth yet available to human beings, just because it captures the Earth in a single shot with 121-megapixels unlike NASA satellites, which usually use a collection of pictures from multiple flybys stitched together. The detail in the pic is just amazing, with everything visible so clearly.

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