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Comment saving redundant files? - useless, rather link! (Score 0) 153

why saving data which already exists identical somewhere else? "duplicates of users' photos and videos that it keeps for backup" are stuff that can be deleted (does not help anybody anyway and will not be accessed anyway) or if the databases are so conservative, just remove the redundant files and instead put some links in place so to not break the user experience on looking at the same happy cat photo all over the web for the n-th time :)

Comment Re:entangled entanglement (Score 1) 143

thanx for the paper - its quite interesting, but not part of a running computer. also the bell signal would be changing from state to state of d-wave. quantum computers need a indicator of the bells signal (or rather CHSH signal) at the moment of computation! we should make it a nice colourful display in front to show you how much "quantified" you are computing atm ;)

Comment creative clouds... an oximoron (Score 4, Insightful) 403

creativity is to be shared but also protected because usually the artist wants credit for it. now if you are keeping things in "the cloud" (independend who is providing it to you, be it apple, google, adobe, ...) and you intend do work on them, you have to ultimately trust the owner of the clouds servers on your data staying your data. making a small website with holidays pictures is one thing but working with real data for high payed contracts i would never just put the data anywhere in a cloud... after all winds can carry clouds anywhere.

Comment 4k for games? (Score 1) 201

does it matter that much if you play on a 4k or 2k screen? the games graphics are anyway not distinguishing between single pixels and the textures are not optimised for 4k. if you would play 2k side by side to 4k (now keeping aside the GPU power), would you realise the difference? 4k makes significant difference for photography and video!

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