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Comment Re:Thanks Wordpress (Score 2, Interesting) 79

You guys do have a point, but it's not always like that. I installed wordpress last week for the first time and I find it awesome. My blog is not actually about what happens to me or my dog, I use it as an online curriculum, I have only made a single post (not much free time right now) but it's an interesting way to promote yourself when you're a freelance developer. You can show your work and past experiences in an informal yet acceptable way. Of course there's always going to be one useful blog for every 1298389238 blogs about pets and babies and funny youtube videos,but the whole internet is like that, not just the blogs.

Comment Re:Please, don't do it . . . (Score 1) 704

I know he sounded harsh, but he might be right. Nowadays it's nearly impossible for a future coder to NOT be into it at 14 years old. I'm 24, and I started programming at around 13, without internet, with a gcc that I had gotten from a CD that came with game programming magazine and a tutorial from like the 80s. Nowadays if you're interested in programming you just have to google it, it's a great advantage and it's likely that if he hasn't started to become interested in it already, he won't, ever. I'm pretty sure most of the developers that started coding out of curiosity instead of being forced to do it by a college/parent will agree with me here.

Comment Re:It's a trick question (Score 5, Insightful) 836

Nowadays plain programmers only exist in highly bureaucratic organizations, most of us do much more than just code according to certain specs, that's why I prefer the term DEVELOPER. You are given a problem and it's up to you to think of a proper solution.
Plain programmers became obsolete with structured analysis and design. The reason they still exist at banks and other huge bureaucratic organizations is that they have to maintain ancient systems that are both too risky and expensive to replace.
Most modern design techniques focus less on details and more on interactions and flexibility, giving the developers much more liberty to make important decisions.
Truth is, if you're just a code monkey with absolutely no imagination and problem solving skills you're useless for the modern software industry.
Sorry for the lengthy response, but I'm in systems engineering and I get the same 'programmers are brick layers' from all the useless guys that have absolutely no skills and feel the need to bash on good developers to increase their ego. Somehow everyone incompetent enough to code thinks he is above a developer. It makes me rage a little.

Comment Re:My business plan includes world domination (Score 1) 259

Since most computer processes are not concurrent you cannot just add the core speeds, because most of the time a process will just run on a single core. For example a single non concurrent process that takes 5 seconds to finish on a 3ghz processor will take the same time to finish on both a single core 3ghz processor or a quad core processor running at 3ghz. I'm afraid your calculation is not right.

Comment Re:Opera (Score 3, Insightful) 173

What? It's a private company, if they don't want to release their code you cannot force them, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's not like you don't have any alternatives.
I personally don't care if a software package is open source or not as long as it does the job properly, and I don't think it's less relevant for not opening up the source

Comment Re:How is this electronic? (Score 1) 33

That's just electric. From wikipedia:
Electronics is a branch of science and technology that deals with the flow of electrons through nonmetallic conductors, mainly semiconductors such as silicon. It is distinct from electrical science and technology, which deal with the flow of electrons and other charge carriers through metal conductors such as copper. This distinction started around 1906 with the invention by Lee De Forest of the triode.
So, there you have it.

Comment Re:I"ll wait. (Score 1) 247

Looks like a computer with a joystick to me... And a LOW END computer for the games released nowadays. Also, call me pessimistic but I don't see a bright future for it, the success of a console lies in the games availability.And for that price ($280-$350) you can get a nice desktop to run a lot of games and you are still able to add a new videocard or change some parts if needed.

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