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Comment Re:Very controversial discovery and article (Score 1) 334

Yes indeed. This is how it is reported here in Europe: a quite weak article (for example, pressure measurements are lacking data for higher pressures >360 GPa), and too early conclusions. More like marketing than science. Did M. Trumps administration approve such communication, now the science censorship system is in place ?

Comment Re:Is Intel Skylake secure? (Score 1) 68

I think no Intel or AMD CPU is secure because of the build-in IME (or the equivalent AMD "feature"). This is a non auditable backdoor, with low level access to hardware (network, ...) incl. memory access. The only way to build a secure system is to avoid these processors. Power8 might be a good option (see https://www.raptorengineering.... for example)

Comment Re:Good for the Goose.... (Score 5, Informative) 337

Well, another interesting case of "US laws apply worldwide" is the BNP-Paribas Case, where the bank was fined several billions of dollars for not following a US boycott on Iran. The interesting part is that the bank is a french bank, it was acting from Swiss, and France was not supporting the boycott. No US citizen and no US company was involved. But USD was used, and somehow US judges found they were entitled to act... (of course the bank had to pay).

Comment Re:ABC Anywhere But China (Score 1) 236

Well, up to now China does not seem to think its legislation applies to me. US tend to (as long as you have anything to do with the US, including using USD for a transaction, or Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, ...). So... I'd much rather have China spy on me than the US.
Moreover I have grown up with the idea that the US was the good guys. But... Guantanamo, NSA, global warming politics, etc etc... that's too much for me, disappointed love might be worse than plain dislike !

Comment Re:So Kind of open? (Score 3, Interesting) 194

So, this is a software only patent... so it's not legal in Europe (or is it). Some Linux distro might consider integrating this code directly, and compile it instead of letting FF grab a blob from Cisco. Maybe distribute it in a special repository, that users would activate where it legal... Notice VideoLAN for example does play HEVC (aka H.264), and does not licence anything...

Comment Re:informal poll (Score 1) 641

Sure I do ! In fact, it has been my only OS since 1998. Since I unplugged my old Amiga. And no, I never had dual boot. Did I have some tougth times? Sure, I did. I still can remember the "optimized for IE" web, and activeX, and lack of hardware drivers... but, now. Well, it's just working out of the box, and I don't see any reason one would not use Linux (expect for gaming maybe, but this is slowly changing also, it appears).

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 2) 1293

You're right. This is the very definition of integrism.
You can change Christianity with any religion, and tell the exact same thing. That's what is scaring with religious belief: there is no place to doubt. And humans are only secondary to deity (so they can deserve to suffer, or to die, for the sake a 'God'). This is the exact opposite of what the Age of Enlightenment gave us: humanism.

You can see these books on the history of such thinking (reaction to Enlightenment):
- Zeev Sternhell, Les anti-Lumières : Du XVIIIe siècle à la guerre froide, Fayard, coll. L'espace du politique (ISBN 2213623953)
- Dan Hind, The Threat to Reason, Verso (ISBN 9781844671526)

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