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Comment up to... (Score 1) 295

up to 93%...

well that's a useful metric... and title to get clicks to your article and what about the sample size of the other companies and were those customers businesses or home users? I don't see businesses jumping on a new OS if there's a tried and tested OS available. But hey M$ right?

Comment Re:Assange gets arrested. (Score 2) 538

I don't know what you mean by lip service;

Firstly while the leaks I mentioned above might not seem significant and embarrassing to you but I would imagine that they were pretty embarrassing and problematic for those parties involved, and may be of immense interest (and use) to others, for example the leak of the Australian censorship list was infinitely more interesting and informative than the cables that have made the Australian newspapers thus far (note that the censorship list also made the Australian newspapers when they were released on wikileaks).

Certainly the recent cable leaks have received comparatively larger coverage but that's because the US has massive influence on the rest of the world, it's not like the NY Times or the South China Morning Post would put a story of Peruvian corruption as their front page, most of their readers wouldn't care. The cables that have received coverage in the Australian media, have been those relating to Australian interests (telling us what we already know (Kevin Rudd is a control freak))

Secondly, wikileaks can only leak what they've been given. I've not read of any reports that have stated that wikileaks are holding back leaks to focus on embarrassing the US, and as I shown in my earlier post it's not like they haven't leaked non-US leaks or that they are trivial.

Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding you?
PS. What's DFIP? Google brings up nothing.

Comment Re:Assange gets arrested. (Score 5, Informative) 538

2008 - Julius Baer (Swiss Bank), Scientology (US but not govenrment), BNP member list (UK) + many more.

2009 - Petrogate recordings (Peruvian Government and Business), Barcaly Bank documents (UK), Natanz Nuclear accident report (Iran), Kaupthing bank (iceland), Australian censor list (Australia) + many many more.

2010 - Loveparade 2010 Duisburg planning documents (Germany)

That's a fair bit over a short period.

Comment Re:MS Gets Points for Innovation??? (Score 1) 135

Not true; although the PSP2000/3000 used a smaller battery you got the same amount of game time as the 1000 through some effeciencies gains with the newer hardware components.

There were also a few trivial additions as well such as inbuilt mike and I believe there was more ram that allowed for better caching of the UMD.

The way I see the PSP's refresh cycle (with the exception of the PSPGo) is more akin to the GBA > GBA SP > GBA SP (B (The B had a better internal back light)), the 2000 like the GBA SP got rid of some heft, included a few minor features and a better backlight, in turn the 3000 improved on the 2000 slightly by again including a few minor features and a better backlight. The difference between the 2000 and 3000 were minor and was marketed as such, the PSP Go was like the GBA Micro.

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