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Submission + - Brazilian Power Grid Down again (uol.com.br)

alberion writes: The main power plant in Brazil (Itaipu) shutdown last night causing a 17.000 MW power drop, which turned off the power in the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Espirito Santo. For those of you who don't know Brazil, that means about 80 million Brazilians (about half of the countries population) was without power. The outage also hit the entire area of Paraguay, since almost 100% of its power comes from the Itaipu powerplant.
As of this moment power hasn't been completely restored. The official (link in pt-br) version is that unusually strong storms caused the powerplant to shutdown. But this comes just after this slashdot article about how hackers caused a similar power outage in Brazil in 2007. Coincidence?


Submission + - High Ranking Al Qaeda leader arrested in Brazil (uol.com.br)

alberion writes: "In a top secret investigation, disguised as an anti Neo-Nazism operation, Brazil's federal police arrested a top member of Al Qaeda in São Paulo. Even the police members are unaware of his real identity, only the US government has been notified so far. Here is the link of the Folha de São Paulo news, in Portuguese(pt-br)"

Submission + - Google Images Undisclosed Face Recognition Feature

alberion writes: The Google image search has an undisclosed face recognition feature. Just add "&imgtype=face" to the url of an image search result to check it out. Can we expect individual face recognition in the future? How will this affect people's privacy?

Submission + - George Lucas Anounces Two New Star Wars Movies

alberion writes: In interview to the Fox News, George Lucas anounces two new Star Wars Movies. From the interview:
Lucas tells me he will make two more live-action films based in the "Star Wars" era. "But they won't have members of the Skywalker family as characters," he said. "They will be other people of that milieu." The two extra films will also be made for TV and probably be an hour long each. But, like "Clone Wars," Lucas doesn't know where on TV they will land.

Submission + - Slashdot site typo?

alberion writes: "This is not a Story. In the Submit session there is a typo:
"...submit a story a story to Slashdot for story consideration."

I don't know the proper channel for this kind of information, but i thought you might like to know."

Submission + - Tribe Upended our Understanding of Languages?

alberion writes: "The New Yorker brings an article about Dan Everett's work with the Piraha tribe in the Amazon that may change the way linguists define human languages. Not all linguists agree.
From the Article: "The Piraha, Everett wrote, have no numbers, no fixed color terms, no perfect tense, no deep memory, no tradition of art, and no common terms of quantification. His most explosive claim was that Piraha displays no evidence of recursion, the linguistic operation of embedding one phrase inside another. Noam Chomsky has argued that recursion is the cornerstone of a "universal grammar" shared by all languages.""

Submission + - National Geografic's Singles Map

alberion writes: National Geographic's February issue had a map comparing the density of single men to single women in the USA. Pehaps there is some historical reason for this uneven distribution?see here
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How dating cxan be like DOOM II on nightmare mode

alberion writes: "Mingle2 makes a comparison between his relationship with his ex and playing Doom II on nightmare mode. Quote: "I'm trapped in this relationship and IDDQD and IDKFA are starting to sound very appealing. I'm a man of ethics, however, and I'm going to endure this masochistic adventure as honestly as I can. (Plus, the sex is still great)"."

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