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Comment Re:I for one welcome our truck driving overlords (Score 1) 228

I was a long haul driver for several years andthe only accidents I had were less than 10 miles from home.None were serious !
That tech jouralist was here in Oregon and the dumb ass got
what he desevered,taking a short cut and NOT knowing the roads/conditions.The worst 4 wheelers-sland for car drivers-are in Washington state,where I hauled USA mail.And GPS can and has gotten many truck drivers into trouble.Route planning is mostly up to the driver,as long as the load gets there in time.Some companies will NOT pay for Interstate toll roads so is up to the driver to do the math to see if it is worth the driver paying for the toll road out of their own pocket or taking another
free route.And yes, some companies DO "promote" unsafe hours/delivery dates/times. I was fired from 1 company for NOT getting in an accident with a car because I picked their safety over the load ! Truck drivers are like most things in life- 10% are bad

Comment Re:U.S. prison system is flawed (Score 2) 134

ok I am a felon for life.I turned 21 in prison in California/1968 for 3 joints. During my time-6 weeks-in the routing system of the penal system I was assigned to the library to compile data for the past 6 years of inmate data. I made a type of excel using legal sized paper and finished the project before I was shipped to Chino to work as a drafter.The data showed the largest percent came for LA and SF and was about even between blacks and mexicans with native americans being the lowest.Education was 10th grade or less.Single parent was high.Most had priors in adult or youth court.I have forgotten the rest of the types of data..I got the job because I had college.While serving my time in Chino I met many 18-19 years olds that had been in the "system" since 9 years old.It was the only life they knew and was/is a inmate form of higher education.After 10 years in the big house you could have a masters in any the the top paying criminal jobs
plus a law degree/other high paying "normal" jobs.All paid for by the tax payer.Many would be "free" on the outside and only make it 1-2 weeks before they were back behind bars.Ever hear the saying " 3 hots and a cot".Life is stable for them with a place to eat/sleep.
Many in the "free" outside world today would be glad to have that "insurance" as they sleep under a bridge/wherever.And I would put little value to the "studies" done by "experts" in criminalogy/related social sciences.I sat in on many of these in state prison/county
jails and inmates by about 66 percent know how to play the system to be viewed as " victims" of their upbringing/enviroment. The " I am not bad/society made me this way" lie.While true that both can and does play a roll in their path in life, they are still a smaller percent of those that live in that life hell.If ALL the people that have a less than hollywood life used that excuse,they
would not be able to build prisons fast enough.From my
view and "real life" data, I would say that 62 percent of the people in prison at this current time belong in their
preferred habit for life. Think Shawshank Redemption-the movie-when the old man who was the librarian was set free.And for those against capitol punishment.Shame on you for being cruel and demanding a "civil" end to it.For many on death row they consider it cruel and unusual punishment to be left alone in a cell with little interface
to other people/books/movies/fresh air. All the other things that a normal inmate gets.Here in Oregon, we had
an inmate on death row demand that the state carry out
in a timely manner his court ordered death as ordered by
jurors in his trial.But before he got his legal rights granted to a fair and timely sentence as required BY LAW, the governor outlawed all capitol punishment.
Now who is breaking the law ? The inmate was denied
his rights as ordered by law.So now he will rot in his tiny
cell for life with no hope of an end to his private hell.
Guilty of murder beyond doubt,after the verdict is read
roll in the pay per view video cameras and a guillotine
and off with their head.Crimes such as committed by Bernie Madoff and his kind would also end the same
way.Along with any one in the child porn/sex abuse
cases.Think about it, a person kills another person and the impact on the victims family is short lived.Where in the white collar crimes like stock/investment/ponzi schemes/etc destroy generations from a better life/college and all the things that that money would have
made possible.Madoff is not in a blue collar prison and
Bubbas bitch.Sorry for bad spelling but it is new years
and may ? be the last. /end rant

Comment Re:More of these lines (Score 1) 321

Seriously if you look at it.'15.53N+24+15'30.53W&sll=39.679105,-105.128672&sspn=0.011015,0.019312&ie=UTF8&ll=31.25977,-24.257812&spn=3.131698,4.943848&t=h&z=8

Scroll just a tad to the right. You will see more of those lines in the water. /Sorry no HTML skills

that was/is the jail
they did not want it in town
the first nimbys'

Comment Re:Astoundingly stupid (Score 1) 713

the other part of the problem here in Oregon-yes I live here-is the burden on people who live in the eastern part of the state where it is a loooong way to the closest walmart/cheaper stores and the local stores that would also see their prices go up
due to the cost of freight.Sounds like a city versus country bias.I say NO !

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