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Comment Freeciv is better for suited for school (Score 5, Insightful) 198

While Civilization might have better graphics/sounds, that doesn't add much to the "educational" value.

Freeciv is multiplayer, and you can change the rules by changing an XML, which could make things quite interesting.

And of course, it is open source, which could take the educational value to a whole different level.

Comment Re: Did you know? (Score -1, Offtopic) 150

The rapid downmod of this post is further evidence of the widespread conspiracy to suppress the facts that Jews did 9/11. Any effort to shine light on the truth that Jews carried out the attacks and then used a controlled demolition to bring down the buildings is suppressed by Zionists. I'm sure the conspiracy will ensure that this post is quickly suppressed, too.

The rapid downmod could be better explained by the antisemitic and moronic nature of the post (and of course, the fact that it is completely off-topic).

But speaking about conspiracy theories, some time ago I met an argentinian claiming that the jews bombed the AMIA themselves.

It seems that the easiest explanation was also the right one, as evidenced by the "suicide" of the chief investigator of this case, Alberto Nisman, shortly after accusing Iran of the bombing.

Comment Re:delete $car{spare_tire} if $car{commuter}; (Score 1) 555

Nothing is "free" when provided by the government. Why is it that so many people think the solution to every problem is more government?


I also view the place of government as doing things that only a government can do. Government should not be changing tires.

Governments can do things that individuals / companies can't do because its economically unattractive.

Its hard for a private company to offer a service fast enough for people to give up their spare tire at a decent price.
If a company guaranteed to change your tire anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less, and another company offered the same service with no time guarantee for half the price, people would choose the second one and continue carrying their spare tire for emergencies, thinking they are saving money.

Anyway, this could be done without any government involvement too, its just harder.

And thinking on a global scale, it would add up to a save us from a lot of CO2 emissions.

That may be true but since carrying a spare has saved me many hours of inconvenience, and perhaps many hundreds of dollars from having to pay someone to bring me a tire, I'm not likely to give up my spare tire any time soon.

You probably waste more money in gas by carrying the spare tire and jack all the time than by calling someone when needed, you just don't realize it. And you might be able to call a friend or family instead.

I've only needed the spare twice in around 10 years of commuting by car, perhaps I am lucky.
Nowadays I commute by bicycle, but if I still used the car I would experiment with this for a year by keeping track of money spent on gas and distance traveled.

Its a simple way to reduce pollution, it doesn't require any money investment or new technology, just some commitment.

Another way would be to turn off the air conditioner / heater when people leave their homes. I noticed people in the US tend to leave the AC running when they leave, they say it wastes less electricity by leaving it on rather than turning it on/off when they come and go. I doubt it.

I know its hard to take actions that inconvenience our lives or makes us spend more money than we could, but at the same time people worry about global warming, lung cancer, etc. We need to change while we can.

Comment delete $car{spare_tire} if $car{commuter}; (Score 1) 555

Spare tires are 12 Kg of unnecessary extra weight that every single car carries around all the time, wasting gas and releasing more toxins to the environment.

How about getting rid of the spare tire for commuting cars, and rely on some service to bring a spare tire to you when you need it?
The service should be provided for free by all cities as a measure to reduce pollution.

And thinking on a global scale, it would add up to a save us from a lot of CO2 emissions.

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