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Submission + - good offline electronic forms solution?

alanshot writes: "We have been using Adobe Acrobat Approval 5 since it came out, and love it. (For those that arent aware, approval is half reader, half full version. it allows you to fill out and save adobe forms (reader only allows you to print said forms (and not save), but not create new documents. It was a great product.)

Has anyone else found a good alternative to Approval for forms? We cant go web forms, because we dont have a web developer, dont want to hire one as a consultant every time we need a form changed, and cant force our users onto the network just to fill out a form if they are offsite.

In Adobe's infinite wisdom, they abandoned the Approval line a while back, so the only way to get the same features is to upgrade to the full version. For my company thats about $80,000. Management finds that hard to swallow.

It hasnt been all that bad until recently, when alot of our vendors upgraded and started producing documents that dont display properly in older versions (pre 7.0). This is leading to headaches with two versions of Adobe Acrobat and more end user training for the workaround.

  Thanks for that "standard" format Adobe."

Submission + - Unhealthy attitudes towards IT and how to correct?

alanshot writes: "What is the best way to stop the attitude of "I dont need to learn this, that is what we have you guys for"?

As some background, I am one of 3 techs in a relatively low tech company. our 18 sites are spread over 8 states, so most of my 350 computer users are not physically near me.

On a daily basis we deal with the users via IM, email, and telephone support. On occasion we are forced to send incredibly detailed, step by step instructions to the users to have them perform some relatively mundane tasks such as making a config change, installing a patch (think DST), etc. Many of the users take the attitude of "I dont need to do this, I'll just wait until IT confronts me about it and let them do it via remote console. Besides, this is too hard to do, I dont have time, its not my job, and [insert other irrelevant excuse(s) here]"

They also treat thier computers with the same amount of respect that a 3yo does his toys. They dont worry about going to an insecure site, mindlessly clicking any random link that pops up, etc. After all, "Our guys are great, they can fix anything I can do to this."

If you do the math, you understand very quickly that this attitude doesnt work, and contributes to a higher than necessary workload for my department.

How do you go about changing the attitudes of your users, and help them understand that they need to take the responsibility to operate thier computers in a more responsible manner, as well as perform the actions requested of them in order to keep thier computers maintained and running properly.

(We are well on our way to implementing a fully managed environment, so the answer isnt "automate, use RIS/WSUS/GPO's, etc.")"

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