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Comment Re: Conform or be expelled (Score 1) 320

Condos are a form of ownership where there are common areas under joint ownership. A townhouse or townhome is a type of structure, generally attached side by side in groups of three or more units. A townhouse may be a condo, but may not be. My current home (10 years) is an individually owned townhouse. We have an HOA created by the original developer 30 years ago.

Submission + - Useful robot idea (discovermagazine.com)

alanbcohen writes: For all you robot developers. The next practical marketable robot would be a dog walker, capable of functioning in inclement weather. I would think the cleaning up after the dog into a disposable bag problem would be one of the challenges. The early versions would not need street crossing capability. I got this idea, in part after reading an article about dogs treating sociable robots similar to humans.

Comment Don't hide your affiliation (Score 1) 523

I honestly don't care if there are games targeted to a particular religious audience; just label it so I won't waste my money on a it. Just give me the respect a consumer deserves. I don't want someone coming to the door proselytizing, stay out of my computer.;

Comment As much as I hate Apple (Score 2, Insightful) 277

After Apple abandoned me and tens of thousands of other Apple ][ and ][+ owners almost thirty years ago, I have no love for those crooks. But I could get an Ipod Touch with twice as much memory at half the price and several times the battery life. At the $250 price level, the larger screen would have been worth it; at $500, no way.

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