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Journal Journal: Random Probable Portents

Given that:


X-> RV of no of hours of this torture before user kills self

Fx(X) = P[X|B]P[B] + P[X|A]P[A] + P[X|I]P[I]

B-> exponential RV - parameter 'alpha' = 0.9855

P[B=t] = probability that user is sane after t hours

A-> Poisson RV - parameter 'alpha' = 1

P[A=k] = probability that a k page assignment will be due in k^1/6 hours

I-> Gaussian RV - mean = 0.1442 variance = 0.0054

P[I = t] = probability that user has already gone insane after t hours

Please verify the values of P[X]

Also calculate using the Brandenburg - Leponchesky (\lAh\-\Pow\-\skee\) hypothesis and verify if the user is a citizen and records show his/her name correctly on all documents.

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Journal Journal: Who am I? 2

Apparently that would be Longe, Olufunmilayo. The debit card that my school gives students has my correct name. But, I log in to the website, and presto! my alter comes up. Olufunmilayo... whoever thou art.... you are me.
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Journal Journal: Are we buying God?!! 2

Ever go to a temple (Hindu) where there's no HunDi? Where the poojaarulu donot accept any form of dakshiNa? Then, you've been to Chilukur (the Balaji Temple) off Gandipet in Hyderabad India.

It's been estimated that on average about 1500 people visit this temple every day and about 150,000 every year (and forget Saturdays... the place is Packed!).

And not one Rupee is accepted from any of the devotees.The only way the priests (led by a retired Registrar of the Osmania University) gather funds is by sale of a 20-page magazine with discussions on religion, current affairs etc. In a time where every temple asks you to buy tickets to perform archana or abhishEkam (each ticket priced at Rs. 25-Rs.100), this might seem to be a bit of an injudicious move.

The Head Poojari, has gone public about the ills of commercialization of the religion. Of course, he wouldn't say giving dakshiNa at Tirumala is bad (because of the story behind that temple), but protests that other temples should not try to make money in the name of religion. Also, a temple where there's a complete absence of tickets, etc. would encourage everyone (not just the one's who can afford it) to embrace their culture and keep it going strong.
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Journal Journal: I feel good!

Boy and Man I feel good! Been working out all week (well Monday and Tuesday).Lots of aches and pains.... proof that I'm doing a good workout.

In other breaking news, I ate a whole bucket of Black Currant ice-cream (500ml).
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Journal Journal: I'm new around here but...... 2

I don't know if you noticed this or something...... but this Anonymous Coward dude/gal posts a lot on this website. Must be really outspoken or something. Or does it affect karma if you prefer not to post anonymously?

Journal Journal: Form1.vb

Dim prnDoc as New PrintDocument()

Is this code supposed to work?

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