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Ray Harryhausen, Visual Effects Master, Dies Aged 92 49

New submitter Diakoneo writes "According to the BBC, 'Visual effects master Ray Harryhausen, whose stop-motion wizardry graced such films as Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans, has died aged 92. The American animator made his models by hand and painstakingly shot them frame by frame to create some of the best-known battle sequences in cinema.' Some of my fondest cinematic memories from my youth are from Ray Harryhausen."

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 3, Insightful) 2987

Yes, that's my point. Detractors of gun control are using this sensationalization to silence discussion, accusing proponents of politicizing $nearest_tragedy every time gun control gets mentioned. In two weeks somebody will considering approaching the topic and you'll see Fox News frothing at the mouth in reference to this shooting.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 5, Insightful) 2987

Yes, I know. It's the absolute wrong time to talk about things like this

No, it's not.

No, it's not.

Before this was the Empire State shooting. Before that, the Aurora shooting. Before that, the Tulsa shooting. Before that, the Chardon High School shooting. And that's only 2012. We're quickly coming to a state where gun control discussion is silenced the whole year because there is always a shooting nearby.

Comment Re:Long time WoW player here (Score 4, Funny) 247

I have 5 level 80+ chars on WoW, but haven't played the game in at least a year, maybe two, and don't plan to go back to it, even for Pandas.

I seriously thought that adding Pandas was a bad case of jumping the shark

So after talking goats, walking cows, walrus men, British werewolves, zombies, vampires, zombie vampires, egyptian cat men, fungus people, bearish furbolgs, beings of energy wrapped in bandages and necromantic crow-men... you have a problem with pandas?

Comment Re:Is 2 mm accurate enough? (Score 1) 192

Eh, it depends. The Kinect has only about 1090 depth values between 30 cm and 10 meters. Most of the values are concentrated in the low range.
So yes, while at close depths you'll get a 2 mm resolution, at greater depths the discretization error becomes much higher.

Of course, the main problem is not so much the resolution, but the noise and the image size. At 1.5 meters it gets really hard to track a hand because you get very few samples with unpredictable (noisy) values. You also lose samples (or even worse, get wrong values) around the edges because of registration issues and shadows between the infrared camera and the projector (plus the registration and shadows to the RGB camera if you need the colors). And since fingers are relatively thin, edges are pretty much everywhere. Estimating five fingers under these conditions is pretty hard.


365 Days of Photojournalism With Stormtroopers 30

Lanxon writes "Wired reports that for one French fan, the Stormtrooper has become an obsession. Stormtroopers 365 is a collection of wacky, witty, and artistic photographs that its creator Stéfan Le Dû has been adding to daily since 3 April 2009 when the project began. 'I got a new camera and I had some Stormtrooper figures sleeping in their blister packs for months. I wanted to start something a bit challenging on Flickr, and I had previously seen some awesome Star Wars toys pictures, and other "365" projects that I really liked,' he says. The two starring Stormtroopers — TK455 and TK479 — have run into cats, clocks, various household implements, and even a DeLorean sports car."

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