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Submission + - Upload and share large files for free with SkyFile (freewaregenius.com)

aktiveradio writes: "SkyFile is an absolutely awesome web site that will let you have your own file bank in the cloud for free. It is a ‘file locker’ service for downloading and sharing large files, and not a desktop syncing solution like Dropbox. The free version provides 5 GB of storage for free. Skyfile’s strong-suite is it’s simplicity and ease of use, but I particularly like that it will let you continue an aborted download if you come back to it within 24 hour"

Submission + - Apple 'Adaptive Streaming' Provides HD Audio Downloads for iCloud Users (cepro.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like Apple finally might be caving to the pleas of those who have been clamoring for high-quality downloads from iTunes.

Apple is reportedly working on an "adaptive streaming" audio format to provide high- or low-quality files to users of its iCloud service. The service would adjust to the bandwidth and storage available on the receiving device.

According to reports, it's unclear if the files will convert to the smaller types such as AAC in real time, or if Apple will convert the master file to several different types upon submission to iTunes.

A source with inside knowledge of the process says Apple has asked a London studio to prepare audio files for a new streaming format that will adapt to bandwidth or hardware capabilities.


Submission + - IP address no longer "personal information"? (samknows.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Samknows Broadband Test mentioned in their monthly email that they would begin sharing users IP addresses with 3rd parties, and that since an IP address is not personal information, no change to the terms and conditions were needed. Ignoring the minority of users who run local web content from their home connection, a users IP address is recorded by every one of the hundreds or thousands of websites they visit, many of which can personally identify the user. Google even treats the IP address as the first piece of information that they anonymize in their server logs. It becomes a challenge for users to trust privacy policies when companies can just redefine anything they want to share as "not personal".

Submission + - How marijuana makes you forget (nature.com)

ananyo writes: Researchers have discovered how marijuana disrupts short-term memory. The drug impairs users’ working memory — the ability to retain and use information over short periods of time. Neuroscientists now show that this common side effect occurs because of a previously unknown signalling mechanism between neurons and non-neuronal cells called astrocytes. The study could allow compounds to be developed that have the same therapeutic pain-killing effects of weed, without causing short-term memory loss.

Submission + - U.S., China Face Mutually Assured Destruction In Cyber War (threatpost.com)

chicksdaddy writes: "A panel of security and policy experts speaking at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday said that, despite dire warnings about the information warfare capabilities of China and other developing nations, the risk of an all-out cyber war is remote, and that the U.S. still holds many of the cards.

Rather than trying to deliver a knock-out cyber war capability, the U.S. should embrace the Cold War notions of containment and mutually assured destruction with advanced nations like China and Russia. Tried and true methods to win security from cyber attacks include international diplomacy, multilateral agreements that clarify the parameters for peaceful and hostile cyber actions and — of course — a strong offensive capability."

Comment Author is clueless about current IT. (Score 1) 141

We use Box for 300 people in 8 countries and I use Dropbox and Skyfile for personal file storage and sharing. There is a place for Cloud storage in corporate IT since the end users are using these services on mobile devices already. The author is obviously out of touch with current CIO initiatives, I talk to these guys everyday and most are looking to use cloud services for file storage and sharing.

Comment Pirating File Sharing vs File Sharing sites (Score 2) 336

There is a big difference between file sharing sites that are making money off file sharing services used primarily to share copyrighted materials and other file sharing sites like box.com, Dropbox, Skyfile.co, DropIr and SugarSync. There is a place for file sharing sites and Affilate programs seem to be the key indicator of a legitimate business site or a pirate haven. All these legitimate file sharing sites have a good system for dealing with copyright content that ends up on their sites, the pirate sites do not take it down because they are making money off it. So we don't need SOPA or PIPA they system works today, pirating sites are taken down seems like every week.

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