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Submission + - Slug-like solar motorcycle wins in Barcelona (

mdsolar writes: "A solar powered motorcycle won the prize for Best Innovative Technology at the Barcelona International Auto Show. It works by extending a shell cover to increase power collecting area when not in use. The speed is 30 mph and the range is 13 miles, but hey, it's solar. The cover, when extended makes the parked bike look like a gardern slug. Read more and see a picture here."

Submission + - Power Consumption difference between XP and SuSE (

linuxmeister writes: "Just finished the capstone project for a Masters of Science in Technical Management at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (worldwide campus)... title: A COMPARISON OF POWER CONSUMPTION BETWEEN MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP AND SUSE LINUX ON LAPTOP COMPUTERS f Conducted more than 88 tests on 4 different CPU types, overall savings 26.88%...
ranged from 18.51% on up to over 39.98%. (ran a test of Vista on the R50p... SuSE saved 57% over it... (and the R50p only saw an 18.8% savings running SuSE over XP!)
Ok, yeah, yeah, we all KNOW Linux is more efficient, but bean counters really don't know how much more... this report provides solid statistically valid data to support "common sense". And yes, this research was just about as exciting as watching paint dry... It was a nasty job, but one of us had to do it.
Linux Power Savings by Laptop
  1. Dell 610 #1 18.51%
  2. R50p 18.82%
  3. Dell 510 20.13%
  4. Dell 610 #2 21.98%
  5. HP N5350 6600 22.64%
  6. Toshiba S20-A207 26.87%
  7. HP N5350 3600 28.27%
  8. Sony PCG-9W31 30.06%
  9. IBM A31p 36.36%
  10. Fujitsu C-2240 38.66%
  11. HP N-600C 39.98%
ABSTRACT: This study examines power consumption between Microsoft Windows XP and SuSE Linux on laptop computers through the proxy variable battery life. The experimental study evaluated battery life tests between the two operating systems on dual-booted laptop computers configured to use the same hardware and batteries. The tests determined that SuSE Linux is more efficient than Microsoft Windows XP on the tested laptop computers, realizing an overall average of 26.88% power savings. The researcher offers conclusions that may be useful to determine energy savings for organizations and provide mobile workers with longer battery life while maintaining interoperability."

Linux Business

Submission + - $99 green Linux PC shown at Computex (

dws90 writes: "Among the products shown at the recent Computex show in Taipei was a $99 Linux PC called Zonbu. According to the article, Zonbu is the size of a small cigar box but combines a green (the environment, not the color) PC design with a Linux OS and a web-based service. The web-based service is $12.95 a month, and provides remote storage on Zonbu's servers. Since it stores its information remotely, Zonbu has no need for a hard drive (using a 4GB CF card to store its applications and currently-in-use data), and is therefore completely quiet. It includes a number of everyone's favorite open source apps: Firefox and OpenOffice, to name a few. The "green" part comes as a side effect of its low energy consumption — it is carbon emission-neutral.

With Dell's Ubuntu experiment and now this, is this the beginning of a rise in pre-installed Linux in PCs?"


Submission + - Photo hidden on the Windows Vista disc. Seriously. (

Four-o-66 writes: Apparently someone with way too much time put a picture of himself and two friends in the holographic imprint of the Windows Vista install disc. Now, someone with even more time to burn has found the picture. The MAKE: blog has 2 pictures and a link to the Spanish? site that found it.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Learn how Linux manages memory one slab at a time

Anonymous Coward writes: "Good operating system performance depends in part on the operating system's ability to efficiently manage resources. In the old days, heap memory managers were the norm, but performance suffered due to fragmentation and the need for memory reclamation. Today, the Linux kernel uses a method that originated in Solaris but has been used in embedded systems for quite some time, allocating memory as objects based on their size. This article explores the ideas behind the slab allocator and examines its interfaces and their use."

Submission + - The $200 Laptop - Asus - eee PC (

fatgadget writes: "Asus has announced the eee PC. 'eee' stands for 'Easy to learn, work, play'; 'Excellent internet experience' and 'Excellent mobile computing experience'. It is reported to have a battery life of 3 hours, and the base model will go one sale for about $200 (about £100) with the top model costing $500 (about £250), if the prices are right, this will be serious competition, for UMPC's and Palm's new Foleo. The eee features a 7 display and weighs just 0.8kg, with an Intel Mobile CPU, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Intel UMA graphics, and up to a 16GB Flash drive. It also features a webcam and intergrated speakers. For that price, its a bargain."

Submission + - SCO's Linux revenues dry up

An anonymous reader writes: TG Daily has caught an interesting part in SCO's Q2 financial sheet, which was released today. Apparently, SCO has not collected any license fees from Linux users from February to March of this year. Add to that that SCO is scaling back its expenses in the IBM lawsuit and it doesn't take much to imagine that SCO's Linux claims will be gone completely in a few more months. In the end, it appears that SCOsource has been a terribly expensive adventure ($46.5 million) that brought a little over $1 million in license fees. Chapter closed.

Submission + - SPAM: In defense of 12-year-old brainiacs

alphadogg writes: Award-winning Carnegie Mellon computer scientist Steven Rudich defends having had a 20th century mathematician named Kurt Godel as his "luminary hero." "When I was 12, I stumbled upon a little book called "Gödel's Proof" by Ernest Nagel. It had an unintimidating format and used full English sentences to avoid presuming mathematical background....Now the human reason I even picked up the book was not that I was a prefabricated, poised little prodigy, but rather that I was very short for my age, brutally picked on, and had no friends. By the time I finished the book my life was changed — Gödel was new friend." Rudich is now passing along his love of math and challenging proofs to high schoolers during a yearly summer program.

Submission + - Polyethylene Bulletproof Vests better than Kevlar

teflonscout writes: When I think of bulletproof vests, the first word that comes to mind is Kevlar. Wired is running a story on Dynema SB61, a bulletproof material that is made of polyethylene. It is a higher grade of the plastic found in Tupperware. The story also mentions the recall of Second Chance bulletproof vests that were made from Zylon, a material that degraded slowly when exposed to moisture. At least one police officer was injured when a bullet penetrated his Zylon vest. Polyethylene is impervious to moisture. The first vests made from this new material are 5mm thick and can stop at 9mm bullet traveling at 1777 feet per second, which is slightly better than other top of the line vests.

Submission + - Verizon DSL Throttling Access to Skype?

Gabriel Landau writes: I've been trying to download Skype all weekend to talk to my friend in Prague from my home Verizon DSL connection. Every time I went to, the page took nearly forever to load, and the connection timed out before it loaded completely. Assuming their server was under heavy load all weekend, I came into work this morning and checked the site again; it loaded very quickly through my office T1 (non-Verizon). I just checked my home computer again, and the page still times out. Is Verizon intentionally throttling all traffic to Skype servers to force customers to use their own for-pay services? Is this behavior illegal and anti-competitive?

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