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Comment Re:karma's a bitch (Score 1) 393

Right, up until "What have the police done to prevent the travesty?" we keep hearing from various segments of society. So, if a man brandishes a weapon outside of your business and you call the police, what you are saying is that you do not want them to gain control of the situation to assess what the problem may or may not be? You want them to arrive with teddy bears and blankets with warm milk so everyone can have a nap and get along?

If it works, why not teddy bears, blankets and warm milk?

Comment Re:Double standard (Score -1, Troll) 486

Christian missionary expansion didn't end hundreds of years ago. As few as 50 years ago missionaries were forcing Alaskan Native children out of the villages and into boarding schools to erase native culture. The missionaries banned communicating in Native languages. They may not have outright killed to enforce their rules and beliefs, but they weren't gentle about it. I wouldn't be surprised if the practice continues in some areas of the world to this day.

Comment Re:Double edged sword (Score 2) 556

Beyond killing, en-mass or singly, they can throw you in jail, arrest and jail you, seize your possessions, real property, bank accounts, etc. Government agents can do that pretty much without fear of retribution or harm to their career on the flimsiest circumstance. Might you get out jail without an indictment or conviction? Or your property back? Perhaps, eventually, but there's likely to be a heavy cost.

Comment DOJ/FBI is also marketing this (Score 1) 339

In other news, the DOJ/FBIs' insistence that Apple can, but won't, unlock the phone or do some magic that allows them to access the phone's content is also marketing. They're trying to make us sheep believe they need access to all our secrets to keep us safe. I'm not buying their pitch that OMG terrorists, mass shooters, criminals or other element can or will destroy our country if the Feds can't access everyone's devices and accounts.

Comment Magic bullet (Score 1) 330

Real or not, red muercury is used to lure rubes into ISIS' ranks as the superweapon for wiping out the superpowers. Without a superweapon on their side, the ISIS rubes know they're looking at a serious butt kicking when the sleeping giant tires of their games - and nobody wants to be on the losing side. ISIS leadership knows this, too, and has fabricated the red mercury story and how close they are to acquiring it to keep membership and morale up. I could also be completely full of shit.

Comment Re:This is a solution looking for a problem. (Score 1) 223

I also wonder if some of these regulations are coming from the really big aviation companies who have pretty much entirely missed out on the commercial drone market and they know that if they craft the regulations carefully enough they will shut out the innovations pouring out of small companies all over. This way it will end up only being large corporations selling to the police, the military, and other large corporations? This completely screws the little guy. But at what point has government taken the needs of the little guy into serious consideration in the last 50 years when it came up against huge corporations?

Safety is a consideration, particularly with all the sensationalized news reports of late. But Industry, while sometimes late, plays the long game and they'd don't like upstart competition. I expect more than a few of the sensationalized reports are actually driven by Industry Interests (they own main stream media so not difficult to do) in an effort to gain control of a market in which they don't yet have much skin.

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