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Submission + - Patient monitors altered, drug dispensary popped in collosal hospital hack test (

mask.of.sanity writes: Security researchers have exploited notoriously porous hospital networks to gain access to, and tamper with, critical medical equipment in attacks they say could put lives in danger.

In tests, hospital hackers from the Independent Security Evaluators research team popped patient monitors, making them display false readings which could result in medical responses that injury or kill patients.

Full paper here.

Comment Re:oregon has assistant suicide (Score 1) 961

Washington state has such a law as well - . As does Vermont. I'm under the impression that the laws make it very difficult to get permission to snuff yourself, and that you have to be of reasonably "sound mind", not even depressed(!), to make use of them. So these laws really wouldn't help in the kind of end-of-life situations that most are talking about here, though I'd be happy to be corrected on that.

Comment Re:Depressing job (Score 2) 308

I think a shittier job would be doing computer forensics. You end up having to see this stuff as well as go testify about it in court. It would become part of your life, inescapable. I'd given some thought to going into forensics but the thought of that deterred me, I don't think I could hack it. I've heard it said that there's a great personal reward in locking up the pervs, but it seems to me it would come at a great personal price. I wonder what the suicide rate is in the profession?

Submission + - Vermont Yankee nuclear plant to close in 2014 (

stomv writes: Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is to close in late 2014, about 20 years before it's (extended) NRC operating permit expires in 2032. Vermont Yankee is a merchant plant, which means that it sells its energy and capacity on the open New England market. The three reasons cited by Entergy, the owner, to close are: low natural gas prices, high ongoing capital costs of operating a single unit reactor, and wholesale market flaws which keep energy and capacity prices low and doesn't reward the fuel diversity benefits that nuclear provides.

Comment Re:I feel old (Score 1) 113

Cassette tape?? You were lucky. We used to *dream* of having cassette tapes. We had it rough. After going to high school for 14 hours a day, day in day out, we had to POKE our machine code into memory, run it, and if the machine didn't crash, had to write another program to PEEK it out again while we took snapshots of the screen with a Polaroid camera.

Comment Re:Primitive maps (Score 1) 192

Did you mean "geography"?
I agree, it would be very interesting to have the topologies of hilly areas like Seattle and SF taken into account in the sim. Let's say you set off your nuke over Elliot Bay. Or in a shipping container down on the south end. I wonder if the neighborhoods on the lee side of the central ridge separating the city from the lake would be spared in any big way. Places like Mt. Baker, Leschi, Madison Park. I wonder if N. Queen Anne would be partially spared? It would be ironic if the aquaduct and the 99 bridge survived. Similarly, I wonder if the blast effects would be channeled by the hills, perhaps down the Rainier valley for example.

It would be tragic, a lot of good pubs would be ruined even by a low-yield device.

Comment Re:Goodbye (Score 1) 668

I wonder how much you know about Germany? Health insurance is public AND private. You only get to opt-in to a private plan if you make over a certain amount of money. I never said that you didn't have to pay for insurance. But in Germany you pay a % of salary and nobody is uninsured - IIRC if you're poor, the cost of the insurance is subsidized. If there's a smaller # of uni grads in the population (citation needed), maybe more people go into the trades than here, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Unemployment is much lower in Germany than in, for example, the US.

My point in all this is that being what a US reactionary would consider a "socialist" country does not translate into necessarily having a basket case economy. A prior poster mentioned Canada as a similar example of what a US wingnut would describe as a "socialist country" that's doing relatively well.

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