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Comment Multiple sets... (Score 1) 763

I was once out in the boonies wakeboarding and my friend accidentally dropped my keys in the lake. Everything on them, house, car etc. Had to get a locksmith to make me a new car key just to get home. After that I started keeping car keys and house keys separate and having two keyrings. Sometimes I didnt need both, say when I was going somewhere and wasnt driving. Lately, though, I've reduced the number of keys I have and am back to one keyring. The keys I dont use frequently in conjunction with car keys like motorcycle keys i leave at home on the hook.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2, Informative) 262

There's really two different ways of listing the code actually, one of which would probably get you down to that level. Zip code is 5 digits + 4 additional digits. When mailing something only the first 5 are required. the additional 4 would likely identify you down to the street level. 12345-XXXX would get you there, but there may be a hundred thousand people in all of 12345. Its unclear to me which Netflix released. Generally the mail I receive with an automatically generated address label (such as from Netflix) includes the -XXXX

Comment Re:Respect rules of the road, not just the officia (Score 1) 882

I agree with the frustrating left lane chain due to one asshole going slower or equal to the traffic on the right (usually equal, so that nobody can get by). Once I can actually get around someone like this, sometimes I will get in front of him and slow down significantly... well below the speed limit for two purposes: 1) It annoys him 2) it creates a gap where people in the chain can pass this asshole on the right. VA does have a left lane for passing only law, but i've never seen it enforced. My latest grip about the beltway is the ramp from 66E to get on 495S. It used to be two exit lanes that merge once they reach the beltway. Due to recent construction, the 2nd lane has been closed off and now there's only one exit lane. Since the merge was eliminated, I expected the flow of traffic to speed UP, however now, people tend to slow down or stop as if there was no place to merge at the end of the ramp..... The lane does not, in fact end, so I see no reason to even slow down--> the lane now has no merge and doesnt end. Why do people act as if they're driving off the edge of a cliff? Its gotten so bad in fact, that I now go a few miles further east and backtrack because its faster than sitting in this exit lane.

Comment Re: Not sure I understand the comparison... (Score 2, Insightful) 541

Skype is there to offer cheap international rates, albeit crippled with WiFi, However, how many people are actually using their cell for international calls? I wish i could take a poll, cause i doubt its many, if any unless someone else is footing the bill. I cant imagine paying exorbitant international cell rates for any of my calls.

Comment Not sure I understand the comparison... (Score 5, Insightful) 541

So.. I'm a little confused here. There's all sorts of talk about Google Voice competing with the iPhone (at least on some other news sites that have published this) Not sure I understand the comparison. Google Voice for phone calls uses at&t minutes, which don't cost Apple. Its simply call forwarding. This is not VOIP folks. Google Voice SMS doesnt cost Apple either. There are PLENTY of other free SMS apps on the App Store already, why not Google Voice? Voicemail transcriptions surely don't duplicate functionality of either Apple or at&t. As far as alternative visual voicemail, again there are already apps on the App Store for that. (ie. YouMail). Can someone please enlighten me how this is due to Google trying to compete with Apple, or even at&t?

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