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Comment Outbrain, Taboola and other trash advertisers (Score 1) 624

Seems to me that social media and political issues are less of an problem than trash advertising for misinformation on health products. And the major media are sticking those trash advertisers on their pages seeking revenue without any consideration of the ethics of the products being presented.

Comment Re:Still waiting for an OT post (Score 1) 278

Nothing comes close to the Zionists bad behavior on Facebook. I've seen them...

Attack a Muslim girl and joke about sticking an icepole into her private parts for days using the most 'colorful language'.
Abuse on mass Stephen William Hawking for taking a stand on the academic boycott.
Take what they learned about people going to Palestine to ensure they get the gloved hand shoved up them at BG airport.
In the case of Mohammed Abu Khdeir the 16 yo that the settlers poured petrol down his throat and set on fire, they claimed he was a "gay prostitute that was burned by his family".
When the attack on the flotilla occurred they edited video (baddly) to change the narrative in their favor.
When the American International School in Gaza that the international community built to give hope to people at a cost of $1.4 million was bombed to dust for no reason they claimed it was a weapons store.
Abused holocaust survivors like Hepy Epstein who recently pass away after a lifetime of fighting for justice on many fronts
Created a fake gay boy who made claims he was banned from being on the flotilla.

I've been following Palestinians on Facebook since 2006. Everyone I know who has been on the side of the Palestinian has burned at least 3 Facebook accounts so far. Those turds created a fake me then used that account to abuse my Palestinian friends. When I complained to Facebook, Facebook deleted my account and left the imposter in place for 2 months.

It's not limited to Facebook. When Greta Berlin published the her story of the early Gaza flotillas that did make it, 30 Zionists wrote one star abusive reviews on a book they didn't read on Amazon. That was a result of what was intended to be a mutual shared space on Facebook.

What the Zionist behaviors have done is create a situation where neither Palestinians or their friends will have them in our groups. And to protect our Facebook accounts we have block all contact with Zionists.

They have redefined antisemite to "anyone who objects to the brutalization of people in Palestine". Even the Jewish Voice of Peace have been called antisemites.

The Zionists are in lar lar land. If they keep pushing people then the result will be an open source distributed version of social media. Something like a series of connected but independent drupalish network that is immune to their power plays. What the Zionist have done is a service to the Palestinian community on Facebook. They have increased the resolve of people to see their fascist state removed from the world map.

But we always treat them with good humor. In fact we are laughing our arses off.

This one is a classic...

What has been created in the Palestinian social media space is an international training ground for all activists. All we need to do now is end the conflict and release those that have been participating for 10+years onto other issues of human rights abuse. The Zionists have created experts within the opposing side in social media engagement. They have done the world a great service. We just need the fascism to end so it can be deployed against other abusers.

If you can solve the issues of 67 years of oppression in Palestine you can solve any issue.

Aside... I have to say that it has been a long time coming to have this discussion on Slashdot. Now that this discussion has started those Zionist abusenauts will be further exposed not by what I say but by their own actions.

Comment Re: Israel abuses human rights (Score 0) 278

Dog-cow you are full of bull! Some of these "Arabs" live in the houses that their family built in 800AD that's 5 times longer that the history of British colonialism in Australia. They have a deep sense of ownership. Why the hell should Palestinians with a long family history, likely going back 1,000s of years before Christ pack up and go because Jews want their homes and land.

On the other hand the Zionist have a fairy story which they manipulate to brainwash themselves to deal with the cognitive dissonance of 67 years of criminal activity.

The Palestinians have no intention of giving up one inch more! If necessary they will overpopulate the land to drive out the Zionist oppressors. The Zionists are now and have been from day one in breach of international law. They survive in their delusion only through the work of the Zionists lobby groups in western democracies that engage in buying political favor through donations to political parties, Christian Zionists, arms dealing and basic blackmail where reasonable people are labelled antisemitic.

Sorry but the clock is ticking and Israel's crimes are becoming widely known. There will be a state called Palestine but it is risibly fallacious to assume that the proclaimed "Jewish" state is going anywhere but the International Criminal Court.

Comment Re:Downgrade rights (Score 1) 671

Yea I works you just put everything in the taskbar. At least the taskbar now works in a mode suitable for 2 screens. I've been using it for months. Very stable. But the tiles... BRING ME A BUCKET! ugly, unwanted, uncalled for, uninteresting, uninviting, unwelcome, unwarranted... it made it easy for me to chose what to get for a new mobile, unmicrosoft.

Comment New WMD to use on Palestinians (Score 1) 351

Great they will be able to make a neutron gun to fire on Palestinians from space. Use that old reactor that does nothing put produce plutonium and is still running 20 years past its useby date and was built using stolen technology. Perhaps find a god partial and claim ownership based on an existing patent on god. Wouldn't it have been better to BDS the god particle?

Submission + - Facebook, bans and the US deficit (

akayani writes: This fantastic graphic visualising the US deficit I spotted on Alternet. Without question it puts the size of the US deficit in perspective. They have been using Facebook comment technology on this very page so imagine my surprise when on Saturday I was no longer able to post the link on Facebook and nor was anyone else. Never mind that, my friends understand It is after all, just a graphic, it isn't a snuff movie! So I shared this with 3 friends using the 'dot' syntax... 2 hours later I received this... Posting to Pages Temporarily Disabled We've noticed that your account has been posting spam and irrelevant content on Facebook Pages. Because of this, your ability to post on Page walls has been suspended for 15 days. If you continue to post spam after this block has been lifted, your account could be permanently disabled. You can learn more about Facebook Community Standards here: I understand that posting spam is prohibited and against the Facebook Community Standards. My question is, should any of us in the web community be risking sites we manage by using Facebook Connect?

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