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Journal Journal: /. Journal

Why write in this journal, when I finally started blogging off my home page?

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Journal Journal: No denali

The filming of Denali in Alaska was cancelled. Oh well.

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Journal Journal: Long time, no write

Got cast in the independant film Denali as the photographer for the guide-company. Should be fun, as I get to play with an Austrailian accent. Start filming mid-September.

Divorce finalized in June. I've actually been on a couple of dates, nothing serious or interesting. More just trying to remember what this whole dating this involves, anyway.
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Journal Journal: Divorce...

Buggar. Not much to say on this subject, except that I'm busy working my way through the paperwork. It's been a <facetious> great year </facetious> so far....

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Journal Journal: Say, would you be interested in playing...

Got a phone call asking if I could audition for a show to be produced in June during the Valdez theatre conference. Ran over with a resume, read for a couple of parts, and walked out with a script!

The show is called "Heathan Valley" and I'm playing the part of Billy. The author is one of those being recognized at this years conference for his achievements, etc,etc.

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Journal Journal: Actor Needed

Just got a call from Eddie P, of Fox-4. Saw an ad I did a couple of years ago and thought that I'd make a good "funny-guy" in a janitorial commercial that is a take-off of "The Godfather."

No, I'm not the Godfather, I'm the patsy whom wants his trash taken. "Please Mr. Godfather, I can't stand it any more!"

Should be a funny shoot. Sometimes it's nice working without an agency -- I get these great gigs where half of the commercial is improvised on the set, and they end up playing for years and years. Too bad the market doesn't pay residuals. Sigh. Where's that national ad contract when I need one?

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Journal Journal: Face painting gone wrong...

Most people, when asked, would probably pass on having a plaster casting made of their face. Oh no, not me. In my quest to play the Wolf in "Into the Woods", I'm undergoing prosthetic enhancement of the upper and lower mandibles, occipital lobes, and post-exterior nasal formation. Good fun was had by all those watching while I sat back with a face full of plaster, trying to control my breathing and not to laugh. Communicating in nasal wheezes and hums leaves a lot to be desired, and not that many people can sign. Fingerspelling works, but is really slow.

Did I mention that the plaster is frickin cold? Yep. So it doesn't set so quickly. A nice cold facial that weighs about 5 pounds. Everybody should enjoy it once or twice..

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Journal Journal: First Post?

So I'm sitting at home, listening to some Ska, bumping up my AudioScrobbler stats, trying to work out some sore muscles from taking first-place-mens-intermediate at the local bouldering competition on Feb 15th, and I decide to check my /. account. Wow. I have fans. That's pretty freaky. And then I notice that I've never written in my journal. Oy vey, whats a good jewish boy to do? Hell, I don't know, I'm not good, nor am I jewish. As for the third... Yep, just looked down, and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Boy. Ma auf salaama.

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