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Comment Re: Is it marketable? (Score 1) 198

To be fair, the cost of a computer was a lot different years ago as well. Today, if I didn't have a bunch of gear for no reason, I'm plunk down $80 on New Egg for a Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM and Windows 10. Another $75 for a 22" widescreen monitor and I've got a rig that I can pay bills, create resumes, read the news, go on Facebook, and stream netflix. If they both die after three years, I've rented a computer for $50 a year. Hardware repair at that price? Hell no, throw it away and buy a new one. I've I'm a lay man and I get a massive virus infestation....I can either pay to get it cleaned at a computer store for $150 or buy a new one.

Computers are suuuuper cheap.

Comment Re:Guilty (Score 1) 356

You are right, it was the right thing to do. She immediately went to the bosses with that information. She did ask me if I was okay with that and I told her that I was. I'm thinking that she was going to go anyway. She got a pay bump....not quite to my level but within $1.00 per hour of what I made. I got a slight talking to from the CIO but I told him that she was worth the extra money. She stayed there another 3 years and was a really solid employee the entire time...which actually benefited me because I got to work with someone competent. Without that pay raise she would have been gone within a year.

Fast forward 16 or so years and she is one of my best friends and is now a little bit higher up the salary ladder than I am. She likes to remind me of that. (It's by a small margin, I'm nowhere near starving, and she is very generous with her money, so it isn't in a malicious way). I should have suggested she get in the kitchen whilst remaining barefooted and pregnant. ;)

Comment Re:Dress for success (Score 1) 169

I used to go to work daily in the finest of homeless chic. I took pride in not giving a shit how I looked.

I developed a pretty hardcore drug problem, and my appearance began to get even WORSE. My work suffered during that time too, as well as my personal life.

When I cleaned up, I decided to try something a big different. I started wearing shirts and ties instead of ripped jeans and hoodies. Honestly, people began to take me a bit more seriously but that had little to do with it. It helped me separate my past from my future and generally made me feel better about myself. You might consider it to be dreck, but these days I'm more comfortable with a nice Italian silk tie and decent analog watch. And yes, I'm better at my job now than I was a few years ago.

Comment Re:Guilty (Score 1) 356

As a very naive young adult, I took a position something along the lines of Level 2 Desktop support. There was a young woman in the same position who had started two months before me. On paper, she was slightly more qualified than me. I really enjoyed those early years of my career and one day I said something to the effect of "I can't believe they actually pay us $35k a year to play with computers all day." She instantly turned sour and said "They are paying you $35k per year?" At that moment I learned two lessons. "There might be something to this gender wage gap" and "Never divulge salary to coworkers." I had even underestimated my pay by about $7000 per year. Turns out I was getting about $14,000 more to do the exact same job. That was quite eye opening.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 5, Interesting) 618

Because i'm a little bit insane myself, I've taken in four homeless people in the last three years. I give them a place to stay and make sure they are fed. In exchange they clean up around the house and help me prepare meals. I also give them each a (barely functioning) laptop of their own so they could look for jobs. One oft hem took quickly to repairing computers and did side jobs (Mostly virus cleanup/backup and wipe type stuff. It took 4 to 7 months for the first three to get on their feet and get a job and get their own place. Not everyone has friends and family that have it within their means to help them out.....the people i took in came from poor families. I took in women and the common thread was that they did have places to the cost of being taken advantage of sexually. It is amazing how much easier it is to get your shit together when you don't have to worry about finding your next meal. It's amazing how much fewer drugs you need to abuse to get yourself to sleep on a futon in a warm house than on cold rock under a bridge. its' amazing how much trust, friendship, and loyalty (and an occasional bit of advice.....where to get help for to make a resume) mean just as much as financial help. My latest one took a bit's been 9 months and she is working part time and got enough some financial aid/grants to get into school. Shes' going to stay here a few more months and pay me a very modest rent. Her goali s to get her own place by the end of the year. They have turned out to be good, well adjusted people i am proud to call my friends. It cost me some money (and some sleepless nights), but damn it feels good to truly help someone out and see the results. i think my days of altruism to this extreme are over for awhile though!

Comment Re:You have a sick idea of "shelter" (Score 1) 701

A lot depends on the details of the situation. I was lucky enough to be in a class with about 7 extremely intelligent students. I learned with them, bounced ideas off them, and competed with them. I feel this was the most important part of my public education. No teacher (home or school) could have replicated the experience and extra learning I obtained from my peers. Of course, I'm sure there are many more who lose the dice roll and end up with a bunch of neanderthals in their class.

Comment Re:I put 3 kids through the UNC system no debt (Score 1) 541

Right. Only kids with parents able to pay should be able to go to college. Your snowflakes are clearly more special than the snowflakes born to poor parents. Kids with parents who work low paying jobs should just follow their parents into the same low paying jobs. Kids with parents who don't have jobs should just continue that trend. Who needs upward mobility in a society. The Caste System worked great for a very long time.

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