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Speculating?!  *Saturday February 01, 2003 @09:56AM 1 1
   attached to Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up Over Texas
No it isn't  *Wednesday August 21, 2002 @03:53AM 1 1
   attached to Who is Using Tomcat or Jetty in Production?
Local man?  *Saturday August 18, 2001 @05:09AM  2, Funny
   attached to Welcome to Slashdot 2.2
SQL Server GUI  *Wednesday August 15, 2001 @12:29PM  1
   attached to Open Source Database Underdogs
I've seen worse...  *Sunday June 10, 2001 @09:24AM  1
Re:Guess that all depends on what you're doing  *Sunday June 10, 2001 @09:19AM  1
   attached to Where Do You Go After Visual Basic?
Re:Some perspective on Telstra cable plans  *Wednesday June 06, 2001 @06:20AM  1
Re: Australia (OT)  *Wednesday June 06, 2001 @06:17AM  1
Re:Why not huge caches?  *Wednesday June 06, 2001 @06:13AM  2
   attached to Telstra Says Freedom (Plan) Has Its Limits
Re:Alrighty  *Tuesday June 05, 2001 @11:42AM  1
   attached to Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet WORKING ON
Re:Know what else is funny?  *Wednesday March 07, 2001 @02:51AM  1
   attached to MS Squashes SQL Benchmarks
What, no T&R?  *Saturday February 24, 2001 @08:47AM  1
   attached to Web-Based Comics
Re:Lead-Into-Gold Machines  *Thursday November 16, 2000 @11:19PM  1
   attached to Commercial IPv6 service In Australia
Re:I am about to give up Google  *Tuesday October 31, 2000 @01:30AM  1
   attached to Reports of Google's Demise Exaggerated
Re:Why Not?  *Tuesday October 31, 2000 @02:34AM  1
   attached to Perl 6 Showcase
Re:Can't it be integrated into the main code base?  *Saturday October 14, 2000 @07:54PM  1
   attached to Samba Code Fork Announced
Re:[Subliminal Fascism] Not a problem  *Monday October 02, 2000 @04:42AM  1
Re:[Subliminal Fascism] Not a problem  *Monday October 02, 2000 @04:15AM  1
   attached to Are There Still Privacy Concerns w/ IPv6?
Re:The bigger questions...  *Sunday September 10, 2000 @07:40PM  1
   attached to IP Tunneling Through Nameservers
Re:Shut it down  *Sunday September 10, 2000 @09:15PM  1
Re:the difference  *Sunday September 10, 2000 @08:39PM  1
   attached to White House Files Amicus Brief For RIAA
Re:The correct URL...  *Sunday September 10, 2000 @03:00PM  1
   attached to Spam, ISPs, MAPS, and Lawsuits
This won't last very long.  *Wednesday August 23, 2000 @02:49AM  1
   attached to Censorware Blocking Methods Using Akamai
Re:What you can do about it  *Wednesday July 12, 2000 @07:55PM  1
   attached to Just Say No to Reading About Drugs

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